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Book Note: Stuart Woods, The Money Shot

I read this book about 4/2/2019. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 2018. This note was last modified Saturday, 27-Jun-2020 11:19:14 PDT.

This is book 2 of the "Teddy Fay" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


A sex tape of Tessa is being used to blackmail her for a hostile takeover of Centurion Studios (her 7% is significant). She confides in Teddy Fay (who is juggling two main identities at the moment) who figures he'll stop it.

Meanwhile there's action from a Las Vegas crook that thinks Fay is being used as an assassin against him. This confuses things, Fay assumes the various things that happen are related rather than independent.


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