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Series: Badge of Honor

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This note contains spoilers for the series.

The W.E.B. Griffin series about the Phildelphia police. One of the rash of series he was coming out with right when he finally broke through into the big time (with the Brotherhood of War books hitting the Times list). I've read a number of "boy's books" he wrote (usually under the name William E. Butterworth) before that time, and they're clearly by the same person.

Like all of those, and the later series, he has a young man from a rich family ending up in a job quite outside his family's expectations for him, and having various interesting interactions with the people making that job their career. Oh, and screw many enthusiastically willing girls.

In Final Justice (book 8), there's a weird and unexplained leap forward in time. Some things change, others don't, and I don't think the characters who stay around age in the change. Basically he tries to jump forward to include cell phones. Apparently somebody thought that was harming the series. I didn't think so myself; I thought the jump harmed the series.

Basically, Griffin has never managed to sustain a series. The closest he came is Brotherhood of War, and that still jumps around in time and gets pretty weird towards the end.

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