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Series: Brotherhood of War

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This note contains spoilers for the series.

This is where Griffin hit his stride as a best-selling author.

It holds up better than his other series, at least until book 8 (most of them are starting to show wear and tear by book 4). I guess there's a bit of a dip in the middle, but it pulls up again.

It's nicely about the process of being in the military as a serious officer, one who believes command is the most important function and both the hardest and most rewarding thing a man can do.

Deeply woven into it, though it doesn't show immediately, is the story of Army Aviation after WWII; when the realize the Air Force doesn't care about ground support, and that it's utterly vital in any modern conflict, and try to find ways to do something (ending up with helicopters because they don't have the right to arm fixed-wing aircraft). Griffin was stationed at Fort Rucker, where much of this takes place, around the time it took place, so possibly some of the ring of authenticity is in fact authentic.

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