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Series: Honor Bound

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This note contains spoilers for the series.

World War II (and after) in Argentina. Argentina was officially neutral until the very last second, though many elements of society leaned strongly to the Axis. Lots of German-descended citizens, too.

They sold lots of food to both sides, did quite well financially off of that.

And the Germans planned to withdraw the top echelons there if things went badly, to provide a place for National Socialism to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Sent lots of money there, including tons of gold and things. To fund this, they also had a scheme where people outside could ransom Jews out of the concentration camps, for lots of money.

After the war, the OSS / CIA stashed Germans rescued as part of the Abwehr Ost deal (where General Gehlen turned over his records and working agents to the Allies to work against the Soviet Union, but only on the promise of the people in danger in the East being actually rescued) in Argentina. This was probably illegal (it bypassed the war crimes and anti-Nazi efforts), but was widely supported by those who thought the Soviet Union was the new enemy. It also left Germans from different and conflicting political positions hiding in the same country.

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