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Series: Mac McRyan

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This note contains spoilers for the series.

Local setting, local author, and at least in the third book (first I read) local publisher. The author appears to still be working as a lawyer locally (though the Internet can be out of date).

Michael McKenzie "Mac" McRyan is a long-time cop from a cop family, fourth generation I think, in the St. Paul police department. He's the leader of the "Chief's Boys", an informal group that the Chief throws at hard problems.

He and Miles Vorkosigan might not get along—I think perhaps they're both a bit too committed to full forward momentum. Though nobody thinks of Mac as a hyperactive little git.

Stelljes made the Times list in small-press publication, and then moved to self-publishing mostly electronically, which is a very unusual career path so far, and hence interesting. Plus he's done this while continuing to work as a lawyer.

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