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E.E. "Doc" Smith

"Doc" Smith is one of the three novas to hit the SF field. He hit it in 1928, with the publication of The Skylark of Space, a book which he had written 10 years earlier but which he had been unable to sell.

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My Booknotes

I've been writing notes on each book I've read for a while now, and an unreasonable proportion (for somebody dead since 1965) have been Doc Smith.

My Booknotes on Edward E. Smith

Subspace Explorers (#7)
Skylark of Valeron (#4)
Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others (#6)
Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others (#5)
Subspace Encounter (#2)
Subspace Explorers (#6)
The Lensman Series

See them all here .

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