1966-67 Snapshots

Owen Jenkins catching a ball at first base. Owen Jenkins
Someone, probably Clay Jenkins, riding a bike on our driveway at 907 Winona St. Taken from the north side of the garage roof. Clay Jenkins
Clay Jenkins firing a wrist-rocket slingshot. I think this is in the driveway of their house at 514 Sumner St. Clay Jenkins
Engineering Center at the University of Colorado.
Oded in the yard of the apartment complex we lived in in Boulder. That's the old Mercedes 180 half out of frame at left, too. Oded Feingold
Anat Feingold; Fini Feingold
Robert Pritchard-Gordon and Thump. Robert Pritchard-Gordon; Thump
The families at Ivy Cottage, Lichfield. Front: 1) Mary Dyer-Bennet 2) Robert Pritchard-Gordon 3) 4) Angus Pritchard-Gordon Back: 1) Mary Pritchard-Gordon 2) 3) John Dyer-Bennet 4) Pritchard-Gordon John Dyer-Bennet; Mary Dyer-Bennet; Robert Pritchard-Gordon; Angus Pritchard-Gordon; Mary Pritchard-Gordon
Me on the Weser with Herr Schaefer. David Dyer-Bennet; John Dyer-Bennet; Mary Dyer-Bennet
Miriam Dyer-Bennet Sr.
Mary and John with the new car. John Dyer-Bennet; Mary Dyer-Bennet
John in our first apartment in Küsnacht. John Dyer-Bennet
Mary in the kitchen of our first apartment in Küsnacht. Mary Dyer-Bennet
This must be some portion of my school class from Küsnact. This shot was badly underexposed and rather scratched, and I haven't fixed the scratches mostly.
David Dyer-Bennet; Achat
David Dyer-Bennet
Mary Dyer-Bennet; Achat
David Dyer-Bennet; Achat
David Dyer-Bennet; Achat
Cascade falls in the Küsnachter Tobel (gorge).
John, Achat, and I by the Alexanderstein in the Küsnachter Tobel (gorge). John Dyer-Bennet; David Dyer-Bennet; Achat
The Viaduc de Dinan, I believe. Nearly-identical pictures appear online, but I haven't yet spotted the point they were shot from.
Mont Saint Michel
Utah Beach
Utah Beach Utah Beach; tank
Fortifications on Utah Beach Utah Beach
Perhaps this is when we picked Sugar up from the people who had boarded her while we were in Zurich? Mary Dyer-Bennet; Sugar
Spencer Hunter
In the driveway at home, clearly. I this might be Dan Rasmussen, but I don't remember him being there, so perhaps it's someone else.
Crocker cousins?
Crocker cousins?
Early model rocketry. Since the car is present, John or Mary must be there somewhere, but I don't think they're in frame. We shot out by the new Methodist church when Mark Horst's dad was the minister there, before the housing all around it was built up. I can't be certain of any IDs. I might be behind the camera, or I might be by the car. Could be Hewitt Schaefer by the rocket, or Mark Horst, or somebody else. Location seems to be 44.443704,-93.150379
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David Dyer-Bennet