1967-68 Snapshots

These are thumbnails, lousy scans, not edited or even cropped cleanly. I should really go back and scan these better some day.

We seem to be having cracked crab for dinner. This must be our apartment in Richmond, summer of 1968. John Dyer-Bennet
Smithsonian Institution (east end of the original "Castle" building). Smithsonian Institution
Glamorous Glennis, in the Smithsonian. X-1 #46-062, X1, Glamorous Glennis
N8585A; Beechcraft A35
N2957C; Hewitt Schaefer
N2957C; Hewitt Schaefer
N8603R; glider; John Dyer-Bennet; Barbara Dyer-Bennet
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David Dyer-Bennet