Science Fair

The note on the envelope places this to March 1969. I'm not sure if this was a state or a regional fair; the bus suggests both not a local one, and probably not the state one since so many people were going.

These are mechanical renderings from scans of the old negatives; I haven't done the usual dust spotting or contrast adjustments.

This was my project. I ran Rhine tests on several classes, using porta-punch cards, and used the computer to analyze the results. And apparently drew several graphs by hand, too.
Donny explains his project to judge. Donald Matson
Willard Nauman
Dave Barstow was the Carleton student who did the TIRADE (and EDARIT) transformational grammar programs.
Donald Matson; Hewitt Schaefer; Amil Anderson; Steve Jones
Earth Sciences teacher Mr. Nauman, math teacher Kermit Wolf (who I took geometry from, and hence first learned about formal proofs from), and I forget who the third is. Willard Nauman; Kermit Wolf
Someone more deeply into model rockets than I was. Although I did do a science fair project on launching model rockets from under water one year.
That looks rather like a new slide rule he's taking out of the case. Amil Anderson
Robert Metcalf; David "Free" Barbour
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David Dyer-Bennet