Why were we in the park?

I don't remember going out into Central Park being a normal part of school at the Junior High there, but clearly lots of people were doing it that day. I also don't remember Spencer Hunter wearing a coat and tie, or a tricorn hat, to school regularly.

For that matter, I don't remember people being allowed to wear shorts, but there's quite a lot of evidence for that on this roll, so maybe that's just my memory.

Mark Hansen at left, Geri Hurlbutt in the background, Sarah Nordstrom. Sarah Nordstrom; Geri Hurlbutt
Geri Hurlbutt at back, Sarah Nordstrom, Joan Erickson at right. Note text in foreground, Modern Physical Science. However, the display at the back is clearly the one from German class, that's the same picture of the Contaflex. Joan Erickson; Sarah Nordstrom
I was probably trying to get a shot of Joan and missed the timing, but the German material about cameras on the wall is priceless, and also identifies what class this is (9th grade German, with Herr Chung). I can't make out much of the picture display, but the heading clearly says "alt und new" ("Old and new"). Other shots of the room show it's set up as a science room -- there are sinks and things up front. Maybe it was used for two things? Because I think there was only one German class a day.
Front: 1) same as OldR 06 2) - 3) Duane Schrader Rear: Vicki Sorbo? In same math / science classroom as OldR 06 also; drawers at right here are in the rear there, shelves and "Fire Exit" sign, etc.
This is the same math / science classroom as OldR 06 and OldR 07. Amil Anderson front and center, Sarah Nordstrom seated at left looking at camera. And that's not a black eye, that's a developing bubble that I haven't retouched out very well. Amil Anderson; Sarah Nordstrom
Still in Central Park; the timbered house in the background is what Google calls 431 East 4th St. And is that Eric Schrader?
Amil Anderson, and I rather think that's Ernst Luposchainsky III in the background.
Lee Dilley, maybe?
I don't recall Spencer routinly wearing a tricorn hat to school. Or a coat and tie, for that matter. Spencer Hunter
1) - 2) Herr Chung 3) Ranaye Dreyer? So this would definitely seem to be the German classroom, and the lab bench up front definitely identifies it as set up to be a science classroom.
Ranaye Dreyer, in the German classroom Ranaye Dreyer

This roll was comprehensively screwed in processing. It looks like the developer level was low, leading to the top edge being not properly developed, AND something went wrong with the fixing in such a way to not fully fix the middle of most of the roll (and leave it slightly yellow), AND there are a lot of dark circles (meaning transparent areas on the film, meaning bubbles during developing that protected the film in that area from developing, meaning agitation was done wrong and the tank wasn't banged to dislodge bubbles at the end of each agitation cycle).

As I say, comprehensively screwed.

Also it's covered with dried crud.

It's a bulk-loaded TRI-X roll, so I processed it myself, but it's an early effort.

When I compensate for the center strip problem, I often end up with visible differences in grain structure and texture, too, so it's very visible. (Not all frames have it equally badly, the ones where it doesn't show are currently not ones where my restoration technique was especially good, they're just ones that weren't so bad to begin with.)

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