Not-a-D-Con was a coordinated series of house parties promoted by Geri Sullivan. I don't have the exact date, but in June I'm pretty sure.

Group picture of Not-a-D-con attendees (venue not yet identified). Pardon me if the rows get a bit approximate! People with a question mark after their names not enough people were confident of their identification. If there's also a letter it refers to markings on a special version of the photo posted to Facebook with people individually lettered to make discussions clearer. Also, note that some of these identifications were made from near-by photos; people are labeled here who really aren't visible in this photo, not enough to recognize. 1: Margo Bratton, Don Bailey, Jon Singer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Luke McGuff, Spike Parsons 2: Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Paula Rice Biever, Beth Friedman,Jeanne Mealy, Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet, Karen Johnson 3: Eileen Lufkin, Jack Targonski, Linda Lounsbury, Karen Schafer (hidden), Joel Halpern, Bruce Schneier, Judie Cilcain, Victor Raymond, Kay Drache, Kevin Stahl? 4: Eric Biever, Terry Garey, ?h, ?k,?o(male no glasses), Lynn Litterer?q, Nate Bucklin?r, Chad Eschweiler, John Stanley 5: Jim Young?c, Denny Lien, Elizabeth Lavelle, Scott Raun?m Not-a-D-con; Margo Bratton; Don Bailey; Jon Singer; Teresa Nielsen Hayden; Luke McGuff; Spike Parsons; Patrick Nielsen Hayden; Paula Rice Biever; Beth Friedman; Jeanne Mealy; Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet; Karen Johnson; Eileen Lufkin; Jack Targonski; Linda Lounsbury; Karen Schafer (hidden); Joel Halpern; Bruce Schneier; Judie Cilcain; Victor Raymond; Kay Drache; Kevin Stahl; Eric Biever; Terry Garey; Lynn Litterer? Nate Bucklin; Chad Eschweiler; John Stanley; Jim Young; Denny Lien; Elizabeth Lavelle; Scott Raun
Beth Friedman; Elizabeth Lavelle; Bruce Schneier
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David Dyer-Bennet