Bruce & Karen's Wedding

Spring sometime; film processed February.

Late in the film era, for me; I started doing most of my photography digitally three years later. Boy, film had trouble in low light compared to modern digital (in fairness, early digital wasn't so hot in low light either).

Beth Friedman; Lydia Nickerson; Nancy Wirsig McClure
Beth Friedman; Lydia Nickerson
Karen Cooper
Beth Friedman; Eileen Lufkin; Geri Sullivan; Martin McClure; Martin Schafer; Sharon Kahn
Eileen Lufkin; Martin Schafer; Sharon Kahn
Mike Glicksohn
Beth Friedman; John Ladwig; Martin Schafer
Ben Lieberman
Bruce Schneier
Lydia Nickerson; Neil Rest
Beth Friedman; David Emerson; Elise Matthesen; Felicia Herman; Nate Bucklin
Elise Matthesen; John Ladwig; Karen Cooper
Rachael Rosenberg
Erin Mckee
Richard Tatge
Sharon Kahn
Bruce Schneier
Lydia Nickerson
Mike Glicksohn
Bruce Schneier
John M. Ford; Richard Tatge
Carol Kennedy; Richard Tatge; Sharon Kahn
Richard Tatge; Sharon Kahn
Elise Matthesen
Bruce Schneier; David Emerson
Bill Higgins
Andy Anda
Bill Higgins
Andy Anda; Bill Higgins
Denise Leigh; Mike Glicksohn; Stephen Leigh
Denise Leigh; Mike Glicksohn; Stephen Leigh
Karen Cooper
Bruce Schneier; Karen Cooper
Nancy Wirsig McClure
Alice Bentley
Fred A. Levy Haskell; Gavriella Levy Haskell
Martin Schafer; Nate Bucklin
Karen Cooper
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David Dyer-Bennet