Minicon 38 -- Monday

Monday 21-Apr-2003, which is after Minicon ends. But visitors are still around, so I'm filing this under Minicon.

Fish Fest, at Sakura, the Sushi-of-choice in the Twin Cities.

Computer neepery at Blaisdell Poly afterwards.

And the Milk Party at Geri Sullivan's in the evening.

I also had a photo shoot in between, but that's not snapshots. Good thing Minicon is over, so I have some spare time.

From: Geof Stone Date: Mon Jun 16 14:47:29 2003 My gosh, is that Jon Singer? I haven't seen him in years.
From: Mishalak Date: Wed Apr 23 23:25:11 2003 I'm the one on the far right. I was busy writing up some notes for my trip report at this moment.
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