Dakota Country Fair 5-Aug-2003

I rode along with Joel on a trip to Farmington, where we met an instructor who wanted to license our B2C course and also buy a box of books.

It's a nice little fair, and I didn't photograph all the good parts. The collection of old and middle-aged tractors was nice (only one steam engine), but it was drizzling then so I left the camera in the bag. The Werner house has a lot of old household stuff, including a really fine stove. The pharmacy is full of period packages. The newspaper has old presses and paper cutters, and type boxes.

There's even a photographer's studio, but they take pictures in period costume rather than having much period photo equipment.

The jail looked pretty functional, too, even if it had only one cell. The 4 or so teenaged girls locked up there didn't seem too put out (the jailer was a 19-year-old guy).

We didn't get a chance to go through any of the animal exhibits, or to attend their Chatauqua performance later.

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David Dyer-Bennet