Miniatures & Cats

Oh, and a few people, too.

Miniatures chosen, assembled, and sometimes made from scratch by Mary Ann Dean.

The miniatures pictures are compromised by lack of a tripod; I had to shoot at a handheld shutter speed, so I ended up at a high (and hence noisy) ISO (of 800) and with the lens wide open (f3.5) given me rather shallow depth of field.

However, I think using my widest lens (17mm on a Fuji S2 body; so 25.5mm 35mm equivalent focal length) and trying to put it somewhere around human head height was fairly effective.

Next time (when that project should be finished) I'll bring the tripod, and schedule for a time of day when the room can be darkened so all the light will be tungsten. With the practical light fixtures in the doll house, I don't really have any choice of using daylight lighting.

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David Dyer-Bennet