A real snowstorm! Big enough to declare a snow emergency for and everything!

And I even took my camera out a little. Also a trip to Minnehaha falls, some of the results of which will eventually be in the photo gallery (I'll try to remember to come back here and link them).

Pamela greatly regrets the loss of our tree. It snapped right at the ground -- possibly there was something wrong with it to begin with. Now we get to consider what to put up front instead. One sensible choice (for the owners after next, probably) would be a deciduous tree chosen to shade the sun porches in the summer.

I also shot some "real" pictures at Minnehaha Falls.

Arbor vitae down in the front yard after snow storm
Bruce and Karen and Pamela, rather above me on the south stairs to Minnehaha Falls. Schneier, Bruce; Cooper, Karen
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David Dyer-Bennet