Monterey Aquarium

Another trip to Palo Alto, and another non-work expedition. I went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Ctein and Paula and about 25 pounds of camera equipment. Which wasn't enough.

These are very preliminary results, but I wanted to show off a few of them. They'll probably end up over in "real photos" when I get to work them over with the good tools.

The more experience I have with Gimp (version 2.2), the less I like it. There isn't a bicubic interpolation function I can find, and there isn't a way to make the color of a selected spot in the image neutral. And the unsharp mask tool is weird, but that may be just unfamiliarity.

Kelp tank, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Kelp tank, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Lousy picture, but Lydy, you should see some familiar shapes in it.
There's not much you can do about glare off a hemispherical piece of plexiglass.
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