New Year's Portraits 2006

The latest in my series of quick portraits of people at New Year's; I run around the party snapping a shot or two of anybody who'll hold still long enough (and always missing one or two who's movement was synchronized differently or something).

I need to go back and find the first years of this, which are on film; I suspect it's long enough ago by now that it'll be...interesting to put the photos together by person (so you see them through time) instead of by year.

Kahn, Sharon
Krahn, Laurel
Krentz, Laura
Ketter, Greg
Stanley, John
Mealy, Jean
Mealy, Jean; Stanley, John
Richards, Mark
Freitag, Lisa
Romm, DavE
Kelly, Shaun
Breidbar, Seth
Romm, DavE
Schafer, Martin
Lufkin, Eileen
Friedman, Beth
Harris, Clay
Emerson, David; Konkol, Ken
Kahn, Sharon; Tatge, Richard
Sasseville, Laramie
Kauper, Michael; Stark, Erica
Harris, Clay
Harris, Clay
Austin, Kevin
Austin, Kevin; Krahn, Laurel
Ketter, William Robert
Heideman, Eric
Dyer-Bennet, David
Goodman, Dan
Adams, Jonathan
McKee, Erin
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David Dyer-Bennet