I love living in the future. I went out yesterday to practice panning technique (following a moving subject with the camera, shooting at a slow enough shutter speed so that the main subject looks sharp, but the background is definitely smeared by motion and peripheral bits moving semi-independently get motion blur as well).

I shot about 375 photos, what I would have called "ten rolls of film" in the old days. And I could look at them on my computer as soon as I got home, and it didn't cost me a cent. Oh, and each photo file records the exact exposure I used, so I don't have to make separate notes or worry I got something wrong.

Unfortunately, there weren't enough runners or roller-bladers out to get me what I really wanted, but I had some fun with bicyclists and passing vehicles.

And, while producing pictures wasn't really part of the plan, I got a few I wanted to keep.

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David Dyer-Bennet