Minnesota Roller Girls

In the classic Roy Wilkins Auditorium! Meaning the lighting is dimmer and less even, and the parking is a mess and expensive.

We saw two bouts, four different teams, which seem to play each other a lot, and also sometimes visiting teams. I think, if I read the history right, that the founders basically created a small league instead of one team. Probably when they did that there weren't other teams nearby to play agains, so they had to create their own.

I was shooting from up in raised seats this time, so very different views of things. Also, I didn't have the big camera or the big lenses with me, so it's all seen from fairly far away. Still interesting, though.

As a viewer, there are definite advantages to watching from above, like being able to see what's happening all around the track, and being able to see better inside the pack.

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David Dyer-Bennet