Old Snapshots

I mean, very old. Early 1960s old. And they're pretty well floating in time, sine all the ones I could put a precise year to I've pulled out (I mean, I know what year I was in Africa and Egypt).

Most of these were shot with my first camera, a Pixie 127 with a built-in flash. Used 127 roll film (almost entirely Verichrome Pan, though I notice some Agfa marks on some of the European shots), and AG1B flash bulbs (the "B" indicating daylight balanced flash).

One thing I notice is that my fairly good skills for holding a camera steady by hand appear not to have come free with the package; I acquired them somewhere along the way!

Some gathering in Central Park, diagonally across the street from 218 College street where we lived the first 3 yeras in Northfield. That's my father John on the far right, and perhaps Ken Wegner is the second from the left. I don't recognize anybody else. The building in the background on the left is Parish House, originally associated with that church (Methodist) you see on the right, later belonging to Carleton and used as studend housing (under the same name). Carleton bought the properties in 1963, and demolished the church in 1966. Parish House; Central Park; John Dyer-Bennet; Ken Wegner
Same gathering in Central Park as Friends-001, and sharper.I wouldn't venture to identify anybody in this except John Dyer-Bennet at the right in the back. But I do think that's our old car down on the street at the left (dark blue 1959 Mercedes 180). The car being there strongly suggests this is 1963 or later; our previous house was just kitty-corner from here. As I said earlier, Carleton bought Parish House (left, in background) and the Methodist church (right, in background) in 1963, and demolished the church in 1966. Parish House; John Dyer-Bennet
Those must be Jenkins Children (and if so, it's well after we moved away from the block I think this is on). I can't pin down the location. The end of the house on the right is incompatible with 315 E. 3rd St. and with 218 College St., so this isn't adjacent to the house we shared with the Jenkins from 1960-1963
I don't place the park, but that's Dean Barbour at the left, and David Freeland Barbour on the right Dean Barbour; David Freeland Barbour
John on the left, petting Sugar. Kenny May grinning at us from the back. And that's the first Dyer-Bennet TV back in the corner. The carpet and wood trim looks like 907 Winona; maybe the front door is to the left of the TV? John Dyer-Bennet; Sugar; Kenneth O. May
Dick Hiley (Sr.) at the kitchen table in their house next door to 907 Winona (they ran the greenhouse). I was very rarely in that house, but I appear to have taken at least two pictures once when I was. They kept parakeets, and there is one perched on Dick's shoulder. Dick Hiley Sr.
Ruby Hiley in their house at 917 Winona St. (next door to us). Ruby Hiley
Jenkins children with Sugar by the garage behind 907 Winona St. Paul Jenkins; Hugh Jenkins
In California. Probably the pool is at my mother's friends the Gerbers. Oh, and that's me in the pool by the edge. I believe, from the wedding band on the 3rd finger of the woman half in the frame, that she belongs on the left side of the picture (so that the ring is on her left hand). This causes the "Kodak Safety Film" imprinted on the edge of the negative to read backwards, which is not how 35mm film works, but appears to be how 127 film works. Gerber; David Dyer-Bennet
Stephen Peters in the courtyard of the Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda. Many of the staff of the math textbook project are in the background, though I don't see my father there. Stephen Peters
Rear of 907 Winona St. Seriously unsharp. 907 Winona St.
218 College St. after a snow. We lived there 1960-1963 as I remember it, this was probably while we lived there. 218 College St.
I don't remember that model plane, or the army vehicles (with radio tower!). I do remember the Sherwood stereo tube mplifier, and the table it's on, and the record cabinet next to it, and that chair we see the seat and legs of. But isn't that the old AM tuner to the left of the amp, with wooden knobs sticking far out on their shafts? I don't remember that ever being hooked up to the Sherwood (in fact I remember it up in my room, hooked up to the old mono amp, after the sherwood, AR2a speakers, and turntable appeared downstairs).
I believe this is the old building at Washington School, on 8th Street E. between Union St. and Washington St. That places this in the 1960-61 or 1961-62 school years. Washington School
Definitely Washington School, old building on the right, new building (now the City Hall) on the left. Union St. is behind camera position. So this should be the 1960-61 or 1961-62 school years. Washington School
I think perhaps that huge unbroken wall, with the step in it, was at Longfellow School, but there isn't Google Street View over there yet so I can't check right now.
I think perhaps that huge unbroken wall, with the step in it, was at Longfellow School, but there isn't Google Street View over there yet so I can't check right now. Badly fogged at right, not sure this restoration is better than nothing.
New building at Washington School (8th St. E. to camera right, Union St. behind camera). Washington School
Perhaps this is my third grade teacher at Longfellow School.
This might be my 6th grade teacher; and if so this would be at Sibley School.
Not sure which school or which year this is.
Sugar, and the 1958 Mercedes 180. I think this must be at the Bay Lake cottage we rented for a week or two one early summer (before 1963). 127 negative (Kodak), so this was shot with my Pixie 127. The negative has been separated from the others, and badly stored, so we have fingerprints and scratches all over it. Plus Newton's Rings from scanning it. Sugar; Mercedes; Bay Lake
I believe this is the back yard at my mother's parents place at 949 N. Lake Ave. in Pasadena CA. That address is from memory, and it's certainly not the building on that site now, though. Date must be 1963 or a few years before, if that's where it actually is.
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