The Society for the Restoration of Lost Positives

There is clearly not enough information about this important group on the web, so I will do my duty as a content provider.

The organization predates my birth, but they do not seem to be getting the press their important efforts to improve our language deserve.

And besides, I need a header article for the tidbits I’m expecting to tag as “lost positive”.

I presume, in this crowd, that we’ve all encountered “kempt”, “sheveled”, and “ept”, the (lost) positive forms of “unkempt”, “dissheveled”, and “inept”. But don’t worry, mostly I won’t mention the common negative form; half the fun is figuring it out.

“Flammable” is a rather more complicated case.

2 thoughts on “The Society for the Restoration of Lost Positives”

  1. Logging in with my password returned me to this page but still showed me as logged out. I needed to reload to get the reply form… WordPress bug?

    Anyway, the perennial favorite is of course “gruntled.”

  2. Well, I did just upgrade, so the bug suite has presumably changed. Or template bug, though mine isn’t particularly weird or complex.

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