Do Something Nice for Lydy

The restringing is completed, see here.


We have safely met the estimated need to pay for the fittings. As I said before, any overage that we end up with will go to Lydy.

This page is only of interest to people who feel like doing something nice for Lydia Nickerson.

Long, long ago, in a workroom far, far…wait, a workroom not all that far from here, Lioness Elise made a necklace. It was called “Oh, That Kind of Angel”, and it was very long—like, 21 feet long! And it was sparkly, and very, very shiny.

The river of beads

And after a couple of intermediate steps, I gave it to Lydia for Christmas.  She was very pleased.

Lydy likes this

Angel was originally built on brass parts. Over time they have tarnished and hence dulled a lot, and it’s not feasible to polish them (too many beads in the way). Hence, Angel doesn’t look nearly as nice now as it used to.

So a major upgrade is underway.

Lydy is bartering with Elise for the work of disassembly and reassembly, and I am setting out to raise the money to pay for the actual parts that need to be replaced (all the wire and fittings).

Elise adds:

Oh! You might want to add that the work swap which Lydy is doing, helping me sort and file paperwork, is four figures worth of work, because there’s four figures worth of labor in here. So Lydy’s contributing the largest part, if you look at it that way.

I’ve been showing her the progress every time she comes over to work. It’s a pretty impressive difference the new metal is making. It’s brilliant. So is the Lydy-smile when she holds the necklace.

The restrung Angel looks spectacularly better (it’s partially done), and will continue to look good for a long time since the new wire and fittings are gold-filled (meaning the outer surface is gold, thicker than plating and hence much less likely to wear through). One of the reasons gold is important in jewelry, of course, is that it does not tarnish.

So, gold. In addition to being shiny and non-tarnishing, wasn’t there something else gold is famous for?  Oh! I remember!  Gold is expensive!

More specifically, we need about $425 of parts for the rebuild.

Logistics—I’ll take cash, checks, or via Paypal to Check this web page to make sure we haven’t made the goal already before sending via Paypal! And when we have enough I’ll announce at the TOP of this page that we’re done.  I’m going to contribute myself of course, but I wanted to state the full amount needed; seems like part of understanding the magnitude of the rebuild.

Any overage will go to Lydy I guess, since that’s entirely compatible with the stated goal of doing something nice for her.

And I’m on the hook for any shortfall, so please help!

I’m emailing this (either link or emailed HTML) to various people, messaging some on Facebook, and mentioning it on at least one mailing list. If you know somebody I might have missed who might want to see this, feel free to share it! And my apologies if you see it in multiple places.

I mean, when did you last have the opportunity to help refurbish an angel?