Photography has been my passion longer than computers, and about even with science fiction (and longer than science fiction fandom). I have negatives dating back to when I was in second grade, and I used the first few months of income from my first programming job to buy my first SLR camera (a Miranda Sensorex; probably not a very good choice, in hindsight).

So I've been having fun with the ability to display photos on the web since very early. The first Photo CD I can lay hands on at the moment dates to May 1995, but I did some work based on print scanning before then, including participating in the online gallery during Minicon 30.

I've written a few articles on bits of photography, that I got tired of repeating in newsgroups. I need to link to those soon.

I've also put up an online photo gallery, in addition to (and more selective than) my snapshot album.

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