Aquatennial Fireworks (2009)

Some shots from wandering around after finding parking, and some shots of the Saint Anthony Falls area from the balcony. And shots of fireworks, from a 31st floor balcony.

It was a windy night (wind generally blowing from left to right in the fireworks photos), which considerably changed how many of the bursts showed in long exposures, and in some cases produced interesting and unusual images.

It was also a big enough show that for some parts I experimented with approaches other than slow shutter speeds, which produced some interestin images.

Gold Medal Flour and the bridge to nowhere.
Stone Arch Bridge, the MIssissippi River, and the new I35W bridge, from the downtown side near the Guthrie Theater.
The Guthrie Theater, from the riverside.
The Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Minneapolis; Mississippi; St. Anthony Falls
Launching setup for the Aquatennial fireworks. Four flatbed trailers full of mortars for the big shells, and 8 sets of ground effects launchers (some of those "ground effects" sent fountains of sparks 300 feet up). Note the fire extinguishers between each two groups of ground effect launchers. This is the Central Ave. bridge, and the falls are St. Anthony Falls. fireworks
Hennepin Ave. Bridge over the Mississippi River at night
Hennepin Ave. Bridge over the Mississippi River at night
The Hennepin bridge, Nicollet Island, and Saint Anthony Main at night, seen across the Mississippi river from a 31st floor balcony on The Churchill. Mississippi; bridge; Hennepin Ave.; river; downtown; Minnespolis; night; HDR
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David Dyer-Bennet