Spring in Minnesota

I've never been a fan of spring. To me, it's a season of mess, slush, and mud as all the snow melts, plus glaring harsh light as the strenghening sun shines on wet pavement and remaining ice and snow. And, once I started driving, there are the potholes.

We can't walk over the snow any more, we sink in.
Lakes just *above* the curb are common, too.
The snow doesn't go anywhere during the winter, we just let it sit around until it all melts in spring.
Small trees sticking above the snow. But not as small as they look, this one is at least two feet tall really.
Curb cuts that one hasn't maintained finally start to reappear.
Bright reflections of the sky, interrupted by bare branches.
Dirt deposited on layers of snow causes the melting to produce rather interesting, if bright and glary, snow lace.
Reminders of fall reappear. Even if you thought you'd cleared them away in the fall.
Pavement full of holes, small lakes, and remaining snow-pack are the signs of spring.
I love watching the accelerated geography as the snow-melt creates drainage channels.
A winter of dirt ends up on top, as the snow melts out from under each layer.
Even the bare branches of the trees provide some shade.
If you have a corner, there's a LOT to be cleared each snowfall.
The plowed walk wasn't *this* far off; but the north bank melts much faster than the south bank.
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David Dyer-Bennet