Minnesota SF, Fantasy, and Mystery Authors

I'm collecting web page information relating to SF, Fantasy, and Mystery authors who have a strong Minnesota connection. Some of the authors and books listed aren't strictly SF, Fantasy, or Mystery, either, if the author has a strong enough connection.

A connection is sort of a vague concept, but if they lived here at some point they're certainly connected. If they wrote about Minnesota a lot I'd consider them connected (this case hasn't come up in the absence of having lived here yet).

Not all of these authors actually have a web presence. I'm now including ones without, in hopes that even if I don't know of a web page, maybe seeing the name listed will jog somebody else who does into telling me where it is.

Please send me email at dd-b@dd-b.net to correct any mistakes or remind me of people I've omitted, especially if you have web page information. Please identify pages as maintained by the author, or maintained by others. I hope to add additional information, pointers to bibliographical information in many cases, perhaps photos, and general good stuff.

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== A ==

Poul Anderson (deceased) (Used to live here.)
Eleanor Arnason (Lives here) (Maintained by a fan)

== B ==

Gail Bacon
Co-author with Mary Monica Pulver of the "Dame Frevisse" mysteries (as "Margaret Frazer"). Since 1996 she's writing them on her own, still as "Frazer". (per email from Virginia Berringer, 3-Jul-97)
Ruth Berman (Lives here)
Bruce Bethke (Lives here)
Headcrash. (Maintained by the author)
Roy C. Booth (Lives here)
Playwright. (Maintained by a fan)
Carl Brookins (Lives here)
Steven Brust (Used to live here.)
Steven's own page. (Maintained by the author)
Dragaera site.(Maintained by the author) this. (Maintained by a fan)
Nate Bucklin (Lives here)
Lois McMaster Bujold (Lives here)
"The Bujold Nexus" (Maintained by a fan)
FAQ. (Maintained by a fan)
Bibliography. (Maintained by a fan) or here. (Maintained by a fan)
Emma Bull (Maintained by the author) (Used to live here.)
Flash Girls. (Maintained by the author)
Steeldragon Press. (Maintained by the author)

== C ==

Raphael Carter (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)

== D ==

Kara Dalkey (Used to live here.)
Pamela Dean (Lives here)
(Maintained by the author)
Gordon R. Dickson (deceased) (Lived here)
Bibliography. (Maintained by a fan)
Barbara Dimich (Lives here)
(Maintained by the author)
Thomas M. Disch (Used to live here.)
(Maintained by a fan)

== E ==

Pam Erickson (Lives here)
(Maintained by the author)

== F ==

Anthony M. Fauglid (Maintained by the author) (Lives here)
John M. Ford (Lives here)
Bibliography. (Maintained by a fan)
Margaret Frazer
Pseudonym for Mary Monica Pulver and Gail Bacon, for the "Dame Frevisse" mysteries. Since 1996, the series has been written by Bacon only. (per email from Virginia Berringer, 3-Jul-97)

== G ==

Neil Gaiman
(Maintained by the author) (Lives here)
Terry Garey (Lives here)
The Joy of Home Winemaking [amazon], with photo illustrations by me.
Kate Green (Lives here)
(Official site)

== H ==

Ellen Hart (Lives here)
Ellen Hart (Maintained by a fan)
Eric Heideman (Lives here)
C. Hyytinen (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)

== I ==

== J ==

Wendy Lou Jones (Lives here)

== K ==

Peg Kerr (Lives here) (Maintained by a fan)

== L ==

M.D. Lake (Lives here)
Pseudonym for Allan Simpson, formerly a professor at the `Univerity of Minnesota. (per email from Virginia Berringer, 3-Jul-97).
Marissa K. Lingen (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)

== M ==

Elise Matthesen (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)
Kelly McCullough (Lived here)
Larry Millett (Lives here)
Lyda Morehouse (Lives here)

== N ==

== O ==

Nick O'Donohoe (Went to college here).

== P ==

Mary Monica Pulver (Lives here)

== Q ==

== R ==

Joel Rosenberg (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)
One of Joel's pages was honored as a Mirsky's Worst of the Web (first one for 22-Sept-95).
See also Slovotsky's Laws. (Maintained by a fan)

== S ==

John Sandford
The John Sandford page (Maintained by a fan) . The John Sandford Homepage (Official site) .
Will Shetterly (Maintained by the author) (Used to live here.)
Steeldragon Press. (Maintained by the author)
Clifford D. Simak (deceased) (Lived here)
Bibliography. (Maintained by a fan)
Fan site. (Maintained by a fan)
John Sladek (deceased) (Lived here)
Caroline Stevermer (Maintained by a fan) (Lives here)
Kathryn Sullivan (Maintained by the author) (Lives here)

== T ==

== U ==

== V ==

== W ==

Walter Jon Williams (Used to live here.) (Maintained by the author)
Laurel Winter (Lives here) (Maintained by the author)
Deborah Woodwirth (Lives here)
Patricia C. Wrede (Lives here)
Bibliography. (Maintained by a fan)

== X ==

== Y ==

Jim Young (Used to live here.)

== Z ==

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