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Interesting Web Queries

I noticed the other day that in my httpd referer_log I could often see the query people entered to find a page on my system through one of the search engines. Some of the queries are interesting in one way or another themselves; others are interesting for what they found. Here are some unretouched extracts from /var/adm/http/referer_log. Enjoy!

You can probably learn something about constructing queries from these examples, too :-). And remember, these aren't just hits returned; the user actually followed up the link.

Remember, while I can see the referral linkages, I can't see what users (or user names, or from the logs as currently constituted even the IP addresses) made the queries. So don't worry about what queries you submit too much. - - [18/Jun/1998:00:42:41 -0500] "GET /olegv/ HTTP/1.0" 200 3390 "" "Mozilla/3.01 (Macintosh; I; PPC)" -> /headcrash/back_cov.html -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/renfest/hub.shtml -> /olegv/renfest/hub.shtml®ion=The+World&orgType=Any&maxwait=1&score=0 -> /olegv/pictures.html -> /olegv/volk_o.shtml -> /photo/

Here's one that actually found exactly what it was looking for, I think: -> /minicon30/bhigg-house.html

Another winner: -> /mnstf/minicon/history/minicon30/at-con-pages/cook.html -> /headcrash/copyr.html

Nope, not quite. -> /olegv/renfest/hub.shtml -> /minicon30/at-con-pages/articles/lakrahn-music-report.html

Note the sophisticated query. -> /olegv/pictures.html -> /mnstf/einblatt/einblatt-199510.html -> /olegv/home.html

Another winner, and an unexpected one. -> /olegv/asylum/asylum.html

Does persistence pay off? Not this time. -> /olegv/pictures.html -> /olegv/pictures.html

Serious persistence. -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/asylum/asylum.html -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/info.html -> /olegv/duluth/marg.shtml

Another one tries hard. -> /olegv/pictures.html -> /olegv/pictures.html -> /olegv/info.html

Well, there's something different for a change. -> /olegv/trippage.html -> /olegv/info.html

Wonder how this happened? -> /olegv/home.html

Probably not a satisfied customer. -> /olegv/olivia/olivia.html

I wonder if this was ever true? It's not true now; no such link on 28-Feb-96. -> /*+ma rried+nymphomanic+iso+affair*+picture*+snapshot*+-video*+-movie*+-cdrom* -> /samos/snaps.shtml -> /mnstf/minicon/history/minicon30/at-con-pages/shockwave-top-11.html

Another satisfied customer? -> /olegv/ddb/ddb_cat.html -> /not-netscape-dependent.shtml -> /sf/mc28-classic-sf/minicon-28-classic-sf-list.fmt -> /olegv/ddb/ddb_cat.shtml

So where do we go from here?

This should be interesting; because all the keywords people are searching for are now concentrated on this one page....

Now, what else can we do? Do the indexers index comments? Do they index the words in internal labels? I have a facinating idea, but I'm not ready to mention it yet :-) .

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