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Rex Stout

Well, Nero Wolfe, of course, really. Characters are more important than authors, aren't they?

To avoid losing track of it, and to let me work on my own detail improvements, I'm including a bibliography assembled from what I can find.


Stories, arranged by date, with information on collections containing them. Not very complete.

Seq Title Date Form Series Alt Coll Coll Date
Under the Andes 1914 novel none
How Like A God 1929 novel none
The President Vanishes 1934 novel none
novel none
The League of Frightened Men 1935 novel Wolfe
The Rubber Band 1936 novel Wolfe To Kill Again
The Red Box 1937 novel Wolfe
The Hand in the Glove 1937 novel Dol Bonner Crime on Her Hands (UK)
Too Many Cooks 1938 novel Wolfe
Some Buried Caesar 1939 novel Wolfe The Red Bull
Mountain Cat 1939 novel none The Mountain Cat Murders
Double for Death 1939 novel Fox
Red Threads 1939 novel Wolfe
Over my Dead Body 1939 novel Wolfe
Where There's a Will 1940 novel Wolfe
Bad for Business 1940 novel Fox
The Broken Vase 1941 novel Fox
Alphabet Hicks 1941 novel Hicks The Sound of Murder
Black Orchids 1942 2 novellas Wolfe Black Orchids
Not Quite Dead Enough 1944 2 novellas Wolfe Not Quite Dead Enough
The Silent Speaker 1946 novel Wolfe
Too Many Women 1947 novel Wolfe
And Be a Villain 1948 novel Wolfe More Deaths than One (UK)
Trouble in Triplicate 1949 3 novellas Wolfe Trouble in Triplicate
The Second Confession 1949 novel Wolfe
Three Doors to Death 1950 3 novellas Wolfe Three Doors to Death
In the Best Families 1950 novel Wolfe Even in the Best Families (UK)
Curtains for Three 1951 3 novellas Wolfe Curtains for Three
Door to Death 1949 novella Wolfe
Murder By the Book 1951 novel Wolfe
Triple Jeopardy 1952 3 novellas Wolfe Triple Jeopardy
Prisoner's Base 1952 novel Wolfe Out Goes She (UK)
The Golden Spiders 1953 novel Wolfe
Touch Cop's Gift 1953 short Wolfe Cop's Gift, Santa Claus Beat, Nobody Deserved Justice and Christmas Beat Uncollected
Three Men Out 1954 3 novellas Wolfe Three Men Out
The Black Mountain 1954 novel Wolfe
Before Midnight 1955 novel Wolfe
His Own Hand 1955 short Wolfe By His Own Hand, Curtain Line Uncollected
Three Witnesses 1956 3 novellas Wolfe Three Witnesses
Might as Well Be Dead 1956 novel Wolfe
Three for the Chair 1957 3 novellas Wolfe Three for the Chair
If Death Ever Slept 1957 novel Wolfe
And Four to Go 1958 4 novellas Wolfe Crime and Again (UK) And Four to Go
Champagne for One 1958 novel Wolfe
Plot it Yourself 1959 novel Wolfe Murder in Style (UK)
Three at Wolfe's Door 1960 3 novellas Wolfe Three at Wolfe's Door
Too Many Clients 1960 novel Wolfe
The Final Deduction 1961 novel Wolfe
Homicide Trinity 1962 3 novellas Wolfe Homicide Trinity
Gambit 1962 novel Wolfe
The Mother Hunt 1963 novel Wolfe
Trio for Blunt Instruments 1964 3 novellas Wolfe Trio for Blunt Instruments
A Right to Die 1964 novel Wolfe
The Doorbell Rang 1965 novel Wolfe
Death of a Doxy 1966 novel Wolfe
The Father Hunt 1968 novel Wolfe
Death of a Dude 1969 novel Wolfe
Please Pass the Guilt 1973 novel Wolfe
A Family Affair 1975 novel Wolfe
Justice Ends at Home 1977 16 stories Wolfe Justice Ends at Home
Death Times Three 1985 3 novellas Wolfe Death Times Three

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