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DD-B’s Booknotes

I've wanted for a while to record a few remarks about books I read. I've done this before, but not for twenty-mumble years, and not of course online. So I figured I'd better start actually doing it.

I read a lot; much of it rereading of old favorites, some new reading of new and old books. I read lots of science fiction, some fantasy, a moderate amount of mystery and historical, and a good bit of non-fiction. My reading tends to go in streaks — I'll read a lot of one thing for a while, then a lot of some other thing. So if you don't like what I'm reading this week, check back next month, it'll probably be different!

These are not supposed to represent reviews, or even carefully-considered opinions; just my immediate thoughts about the book.

I'm not, of course, the first or only person to think of something like a book log. I've collected some links to others.

One major warning: The messages posted here may contain "spoilers" — things you probably don't want to know before the first time you read the book. If I think there's a spoiler, then there's a large red warning to that effect near the top of the page. So with a little care, you can read these and avoid spoilers. I try to err on the side of safety in declaring spoiler warnings; but no promises I won't let something slip through that you consider a major spoiler.

The book(s) I'm currently reading will be shown like this.

As an alternative, you can play with refrigerator magnets based on these books.

There's also an RSS feed of these notes.

Book notes listed by date read. Use column header links to change.

Author Title Spoiler Read Updated
Nathan Lowell Owner's Share Yes! 14-Apr-2014 16-Apr-2014 12:19:49
Nathan Lowell Solar Clipper Traders series 12-Apr-2014 16-Apr-2014 12:04:39
Dorothy L. Sayers Gaudy Night (#3) Yes! 10-Apr-2014 16-Apr-2014 11:58:43
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon (#6) 3-Apr-2014 16-Apr-2014 11:57:11
David Weber Beginnings Yes! 27-Mar-2014 30-Mar-2014 12:48:11
David Weber Out of the Dark Yes! 22-Mar-2014 30-Mar-2014 12:52:59
David Weber Shadow of Freedom Yes! 20-Mar-2014 24-Mar-2014 09:57:43
Ryk E. Spoor Spheres of Influence Yes! 19-Mar-2014 24-Mar-2014 21:50:26
John Sandford Storm Front Yes! 19-Mar-2014 19-Mar-2014 13:24:06
John Sandford Silken Prey Yes! 16-Mar-2014 19-Mar-2014 13:36:39
David Weber A Rising Thunder Yes! 14-Mar-2014 19-Mar-2014 13:47:40
Janet Kagan Mirabile (#6) 19-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 17:09:12
David Weber Like a Mighty Army 13-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 18:39:17
Steven K. Zoltan Brust Cowbow Feng's Space Bar and Grille 12-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 17:54:58
David Weber Midst Toil and Tribulation 6-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 18:39:42
Larry Niven The Gripping Hand (#2) Yes! 5-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 18:43:53
Larry Niven The Mote in God's Eye (#2) Yes! 1-Feb-2014 20-Mar-2014 18:46:37
Robert A. Heinlein The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (#2) Yes! 25-Jan-2014 04-Feb-2014 15:15:58
Roger Zelazny Lord of Light (#2) Yes! 18-Jan-2014 22-Jan-2014 22:40:08
Frank Herbert Dune (#2) 15-Jan-2014 22-Jan-2014 14:37:30
William S. Baring-Gould Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-Fifth Street Yes! 5-Jan-2014 12-Jan-2014 10:37:25
Rex Stout A Family Affair (#3) 2-Jan-2014 12-Jan-2014 10:11:45
Rex Stout Champagne For One (#5) 28-Dec-2013 30-Dec-2013 15:44:33
Rex Stout Three Witnesses (#3) 22-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:20:19
Rex Stout Gambit (#4) 19-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:21:24
Rex Stout A Right To Die (#5) 12-Dec-2013 30-Dec-2013 15:47:02
Rex Stout The Final Deduction (#4) Yes! 12-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:29:54
Rex Stout Death of a Doxy (#4) 10-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:28:54
Rex Stout Death of a Dude (#2) Yes! 7-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:27:36
Rex Stout The Mother Hunt (#3) 5-Dec-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:23:52
Nevada Barr Endangered Species Yes! 25-Nov-2013 30-Dec-2013 15:53:26
Nevada Barr Firestorm Yes! 21-Nov-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:41:04
Joel Rosenberg Paladins II: Knight Moves Yes! 20-Nov-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:40:19
Rex Stout Homicide Trinity (#4) 19-Nov-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:22:15
Nevada Barr Ill Wind Yes! 18-Nov-2013 12-Jan-2014 22:42:03
Nevada Barr A Superior Death Yes! 14-Nov-2013 23-Nov-2013 16:02:47
Nevada Barr Track of the Cat Yes! 10-Nov-2013 23-Nov-2013 15:56:12
John Scalzi The Human Division Yes! 7-Nov-2013 23-Nov-2013 15:50:00
Res Stout The Black Mountain (#2) 5-Nov-2013 23-Nov-2013 15:45:58
Rex Stout The Golden Spiders (#2) 2-Nov-2013 04-Nov-2013 18:57:44
Rex Stout Three Men Out (#3) 31-Oct-2013 04-Nov-2013 13:57:07
Rex Stout If Death Ever Slept (#3) 29-Oct-2013 30-Oct-2013 20:54:08
Rex Stout Might As Well Be Dead (#3) 28-Oct-2013 29-Oct-2013 15:35:29
Rex Stout Before Midnight (#2) 28-Oct-2013 04-Nov-2013 13:58:51
Joel Rosenberg Paladins (#2) Yes! 26-Oct-2013 30-Oct-2013 20:56:19
Rex Stout Too Many Women (#3) 20-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:08:12
Rex Stout Too Many Clients Yes! 19-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:59:31
Rex Stout And Be A Villain (#4) Yes! 18-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:11:00
Rex Stout Prisoner's Base (#2) 16-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:12:53
Rex Stout Three Doors to Death 15-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:32:39
Rex Stout Trouble in Triplicate 14-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:14:21
Rex Stout In the Best Families Yes! 10-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:29:32
Rex Stout Murder by the Book Yes! 8-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:28:13
Rex Stout The Second Confession (#6) 6-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 21:30:36
Rex Stout Curtains For Three (#2) 5-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 22:01:26
John Scalzi Redshirts Yes! 28-Sep-2013 30-Sep-2013 15:45:58
Rex Stout The Silent Speaker Yes! 20-Sep-2013 30-Sep-2013 15:35:51
Rex Stout Triple Jeopardy #3 14-Sep-2013 30-Sep-2013 15:37:15
John Scalzi The Last Colony Yes! 12-Sep-2013 30-Sep-2013 15:44:33
Rex Stout Where There's A Will (#3) Yes! 10-Sep-2013 29-Sep-2013 17:10:42
Joe Haldeman Starbound Yes! 8-Sep-2013 10-Sep-2013 16:33:12
Joe Haldeman Marsbound Yes! 3-Sep-2013 10-Sep-2013 16:21:24
John Scalzi The Ghost Brigades Yes! 27-Aug-2013 10-Sep-2013 16:13:46
John Scalzi Old Man's War 21-Aug-2013 25-Aug-2013 13:00:03
William J. Helmer Al Capone and his American Boys 18-Aug-2013 23-Aug-2013 17:18:39
Nathan Lowell Captain's Share Yes! 5-Aug-2013 07-Aug-2013 15:15:15
Edward E. Smith Children of the Lens (#3) 19-Jul-2013 07-Aug-2013 15:18:27
Scott Lynch Red Seas Under Red Skies Yes! 17-Jul-2013 07-Aug-2013 16:09:00
Edward E. Smith Second Stage Lensmen (#3) 13-Jul-2013 07-Aug-2013 15:17:54
Steven Brust Hawk 6-Jul-2013 23-Aug-2013 17:44:58
Edward E. Smith Gray Lensman (#4) 5-Jul-2013 07-Aug-2013 16:11:43
Scott Lynch The Lies of Locke Lamora Yes! 5-Jul-2013 07-Aug-2013 15:49:09
Steven Brust The Incrementalists Yes! 5-Jul-2013 23-Aug-2013 18:11:27
Rex Stout A Right To Die (#4) Yes! 8-Jun-2013 09-Jun-2013 13:58:23
Edward E. Smith The Best of E.E. 'Doc' Smith (Brit) Yes! 23-May-2013 30-May-2013 18:51:35
Edward E. Smith Lord Tedric: The Black Knight of the Iron Sphere Yes! 21-May-2013 30-May-2013 16:38:50
Cory Doctorow Eastern Standard Tribe 13-May-2013 30-May-2013 11:07:00
Jo Walton The Rebirth of Pan Yes! 10-May-2013 07-Aug-2013 15:35:58
Edward E. Smith Skylark DuQuesne (#4) Yes! 7-May-2013 30-May-2013 10:58:58
Edward E. Smith Skylark of Valeron (#3) 3-May-2013 30-May-2013 10:59:20
John Brunner Stand on Zanzibar Yes! 1-May-2013 14-May-2013 18:49:57
Jo Walton My Real Children Yes! 25-Apr-2013 14-May-2013 13:14:42
Margaret Frazer The Apostate's Tale Yes! 1-Mar-2013 06-Mar-2013 14:25:55
W.E.B. Griffin The Trafficers Yes! 26-Feb-2013 04-Mar-2013 13:07:25
Rodney Smith Scout Force Yes! 17-Feb-2013 30-May-2013 11:17:10
Dorothy L. Sayers Whose Body? (#3) Yes! 4-Dec-2012 07-Dec-2012 11:10:57
George Barr Why Photographs Work 3-Dec-2012 01-Mar-2013 18:37:33
C. L. Moore Judgment Night Yes! 29-Nov-2012 07-Dec-2012 11:49:35
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon (#5) 24-Nov-2012 02-Dec-2012 21:09:03
Dorothy L. Sayers Murder Must Advertise (#2) Yes! 23-Nov-2012 02-Dec-2012 21:07:53
Dorothy L. Sayers Clouds of Wtiness Yes! 21-Nov-2012 02-Dec-2012 21:08:03
Frank B. Gilbreth Cheaper by the Dozen 18-Nov-2012 02-Dec-2012 21:05:51
Greg Rucka Alpha Yes! 13-Nov-2012 17-Nov-2012 12:39:02
John Sandford Mad River 11-Nov-2012 13-Nov-2012 18:04:13
John Sandford Shockwave Yes! 6-Nov-2012 13-Nov-2012 20:14:04
Lois McMaster Bujold Captain Vorpatril's Alliance Yes! 2-Nov-2012 05-Nov-2012 11:14:32
David Weber How Firm a Foundation Yes! 27-Oct-2012 30-Oct-2012 15:07:33
David Weber A Mighty Fortress Yes! 18-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 16:48:51
Harold L. Goodwin The Electronic Mind Reader Yes! 13-Oct-2012 28-Oct-2012 17:51:09
Ward Moore Transient Yes! 7-Oct-2012 07-Jan-2013 18:33:58
Jack Campbell Dauntless Yes! 4-Oct-2012 28-Oct-2012 18:00:29
Joseph T. Major Heinlein's Children 1-Oct-2012 05-Nov-2012 10:52:55
Harold L. Goodwin The Blue Ghost Mystery Yes! 27-Sep-2012 30-Sep-2012 09:56:25
Harold L. Goodwin The Flaming Mountain Yes! 25-Sep-2012 27-Sep-2012 10:45:56
David Weber In Fire Forged Yes! 22-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 13:46:37
David Weber Mission of Honor Yes! 14-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 13:48:17
Arthur Mason The Flying Bo'sun / A Mystery of the Sea Yes! 26-Aug-2012 26-Sep-2012 13:47:46
Harold L. Goodwin The Scarlet Lake Mystery Yes! 7-Aug-2012 27-Aug-2012 21:50:43
Nathan Lowell Double Share Yes! 29-Jul-2012 30-Jul-2012 16:57:44
Nathan Lowell Full Share Yes! 28-Jul-2012 13-Nov-2012 20:06:30
Nathan Lowell Half Share Yes! 27-Jul-2012 28-Jul-2012 11:48:32
Nathan Lowell Quarter Share Yes! 26-Jul-2012 27-Jul-2012 10:42:11
Edwin P. Hoyt The Marine Raiders 25-Jul-2012 04-Aug-2012 10:47:53
James S. A. Corey Leviathan Wakes Yes! 15-Jul-2012 26-Sep-2012 15:25:37
John Sandford Stolen Prey Yes! 14-Jul-2012 13-Nov-2012 20:16:44
Harold L. Goodwin The Caves of Fear Yes! 1-Jul-2012 27-Aug-2012 19:03:56
Harold L. Goodwin The Pirates of Shan Yes! 29-Jun-2012 27-Aug-2012 18:57:28
Harold L. Goodwin The Flying Stingaree Yes! 10-Jun-2012 27-Aug-2012 18:41:04
Harold L. Goodwin The Golden Skull Yes! 5-Jun-2012 27-Aug-2012 18:47:56
Harold L. Goodwin Smuugler's Reef Yes! 13-Apr-2012 27-Aug-2012 18:47:18
Harold L. Goodwin The Wailing Octopus Yes! 1-Apr-2012 27-Aug-2012 18:47:33
Peter Morwood Greylady Yes! 28-Mar-2012 01-Apr-2012 15:54:32
Mira Grant Feed Yes! 27-Mar-2012 01-Apr-2012 15:40:16
Bill Swears Zook Country Yes! 7-Mar-2012 01-Apr-2012 15:40:54
Steven Brust Jhegaala (#2) Yes! 28-Feb-2012 07-Mar-2012 14:32:00
J.R. Pournelle Outies Yes! 25-Feb-2012 07-Feb-2014 16:06:39
Steven Brust Dzur (#2) Yes! 24-Feb-2012 28-Feb-2012 12:26:17
Steven Brust Issola (#2) Yes! 22-Feb-2012 26-Feb-2012 09:50:24
Steven Brust Dragon Yes! 15-Feb-2012 26-Feb-2012 09:24:37
Eric Flint Threshold Yes! 12-Feb-2012 15-Mar-2012 08:18:41
Steven Brust Orca Yes! 9-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012 14:35:06
Eric Flint Boundary Yes! 1-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012 14:56:20
R. M. Meluch The Myriad Yes! 1-Feb-2012 16-Jul-2012 13:07:20
Steven Brust Athyra Yes! 25-Jan-2012 21-Feb-2012 14:29:13
Diane Duane A Wizard of Mars Yes! 12-Jan-2012 26-Feb-2012 10:04:39
Diane Duane Wizards at War (#2) Yes! 24-Dec-2011 12-Feb-2012 18:26:34
Diane Duane Wizard's Holiday (#2) Yes! 14-Dec-2011 30-Dec-2011 13:24:48
Diane Duane A Wizard Alone (#2) Yes! 12-Dec-2011 30-Dec-2011 13:07:51
Diane Duane The Wizard's Dilemma Yes! 10-Dec-2011 30-Dec-2011 13:08:35
Steven Brust Phoenix Yes! 4-Dec-2011 09-Dec-2011 15:58:51
Diane Duane A Wizard Abroad Yes! 4-Dec-2011 30-Dec-2011 13:04:43
Steven Brust Taltos (#2) Yes! 1-Dec-2011 04-Dec-2011 13:07:10
Marissa K. Lingen The True Tale of Carter Hall Yes! 21-Nov-2011 26-Nov-2011 18:26:27
Diane Duane High Wizardry Yes! 12-Nov-2011 19-Nov-2011 10:02:34
Steven Brust Teckla Yes! 7-Nov-2011 19-Nov-2011 10:03:06
Diane Duane Deep Wizardry Yes! 3-Nov-2011 19-Nov-2011 11:43:01
C. Northcote Parkinson So Near So Far Yes! 28-Oct-2011 02-Nov-2011 16:46:26
Diane Duane So You Want To Be A Wizard Yes! 26-Oct-2011 02-Nov-2011 16:53:35
Edgar Rice Burroughs Warlord of Mars Yes! 23-Oct-2011 04-Nov-2011 07:57:37
Steven Brust Yendi Yes! 3-Oct-2011 30-Oct-2011 14:01:49
Steven Brust Jhereg (#2) Yes! 21-Sep-2011 30-Oct-2011 14:02:25
John Sandford Buried Prey 21-Sep-2011 30-Oct-2011 17:10:46
Ernest Bramah The Wallet of Kai Lung Yes! 16-Sep-2011 04-Nov-2011 08:39:06
Larry Niven Betrayer of Worlds 5-Sep-2011 30-Oct-2011 17:00:15
Larry Niven Stars and Gods Yes! 25-Aug-2011 30-Oct-2011 17:06:27
Charles Stross The Fuller Memorandum Yes! 12-Aug-2011 30-Oct-2011 13:42:46
Edgar Rice Burroughs Gods of Mars Yes! 6-Aug-2011 21-Aug-2011 16:20:07
Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars Yes! 29-Jul-2011 19-Aug-2011 20:11:07
Robert A. Heinlein The Star Beast Yes! 28-Jul-2011 19-Aug-2011 19:31:20
Robert A. Heinlein Starman Jones (#3) Yes! 26-Jul-2011 16-Aug-2011 19:25:29
Robert A. Heinlein The Rolling Stones (#2) Yes! 20-Jul-2011 16-Aug-2011 19:22:35
Edgar Rice Burroughs The Efficiency Expert Yes! 16-Jul-2011 15-Aug-2011 19:20:16
Greg Egan Zendegi Yes! 14-Jun-2011 14-Aug-2011 23:01:34
Edward E. Smith Masters of Space (#3) Yes! 14-Jun-2011 04-Nov-2011 08:57:13
W.E.B. Griffin Black Ops 9-Jun-2011 31-Jul-2011 19:04:15
W.E.B. Griffin The Hunters Yes! 26-May-2011 30-May-2011 20:06:57
W.E.B. Griffin The Shooters 20-May-2011 31-Jul-2011 19:01:28
Matthew Hughes The Damned Busters Yes! 20-May-2011 25-May-2011 20:46:18
Robert A. Heinlein Between Planets Yes! 15-May-2011 31-Jul-2011 18:43:22
Warren Murphy Killer Ratings Yes! 5-May-2011 30-May-2011 16:21:07
W.E.B. Griffin The Honor of Spies Yes! 1-May-2011 27-Jul-2011 19:27:56
W.E.B. Griffin The Outlaws Yes! 28-Apr-2011 23-Jul-2011 13:59:53
William E. Butterworth IV The Vigilantes 24-Apr-2011 23-Jul-2011 13:00:05
Warren Murphy Dead Reckoning Yes! 20-Apr-2011 16-Jun-2011 20:16:40
John Sandford Bad Blood Yes! 14-Apr-2011 16-Jun-2011 20:10:54
Ernest Bramah Max Carrados 2-Apr-2011 16-Jun-2011 20:06:51
C. Northcote Parkinson The Fireship Yes! 2-Apr-2011 30-May-2011 20:05:46
Alan E. Nourse Derelict and The Dark Door Yes! 24-Mar-2011 30-May-2011 20:07:43
Ernest Bramah Four Max Carrados Detective Stories 18-Mar-2011 08-May-2011 18:50:50
R. Austin Freeman John Thorndyke's Cases 14-Mar-2011 08-May-2011 18:52:49
C. Northcote Parkinson Devil to Pay Yes! 8-Mar-2011 08-May-2011 18:38:27
C. Northcote Parkinson The Guernseyman Yes! 1-Mar-2011 22-Apr-2011 06:41:05
R. Austin Freeman Eye of Osiris Yes! 28-Feb-2011 22-Apr-2011 06:23:53
Randall Garrett Pagan Passions Yes! 25-Feb-2011 06-Mar-2011 10:19:32
Alan E. Nourse Star Surgeon (#2) Yes! 8-Feb-2011 09-Feb-2011 18:02:13
Ian Hay The Lighter Side of School Life Yes! 2-Feb-2011 09-Feb-2011 17:57:36
Patrick O'Brian 21 Yes! 30-Jan-2011 08-May-2011 18:20:37
Ryk E. Spoor Grand Central Arena Yes! 30-Jan-2011 27-Mar-2011 18:44:11
Patrick O'Brian Blue at the Mizzen (#2) Yes! 27-Jan-2011 30-Jan-2011 11:42:40
Patrick O'Brian The Hundred Days (#2) Yes! 20-Jan-2011 30-Jan-2011 11:07:38
Patrick O'Brian The Yellow Admiral (#2) Yes! 10-Jan-2011 30-Jan-2011 14:28:26
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Redoutable Yes! 1-Jan-2011 08-Jul-2012 14:59:53
W. W. Jacobs Many Cargoes Yes! 27-Dec-2010 21-Jan-2011 18:33:13
Patrick O'Brian The Commodore (#2) Yes! 25-Dec-2010 08-May-2011 18:18:36
David Weber Old Soldiers Yes! 22-Dec-2010 31-Dec-2010 13:36:08
John Joseph Adams Selections From The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 17-Dec-2010 31-Dec-2010 09:10:51
Lois McMaster Bujold Barrayar (#2) Yes! 2-Dec-2010 31-Dec-2010 08:32:06
Lois McMaster Bujold Shards of Honor Yes! 26-Nov-2010 31-Dec-2010 08:33:10
Patrick O'Brian The Wine-Dark Sea (#2) Yes! 19-Nov-2010 29-Dec-2010 19:54:19
Patrick O'Brian The Truelove (#2) Yes! 12-Nov-2010 29-Dec-2010 19:50:23
Patrick O'Brian The Nutmeg of Consolation (#2) Yes! 5-Nov-2010 14-Nov-2010 18:26:32
Lois McMaster Bujold Cryoburn Yes! 28-Oct-2010 02-Nov-2010 16:48:06
Patrick O'Brian The Thirteen Gun Salute (#2) Yes! 19-Oct-2010 14-Nov-2010 18:28:55
David Weber At All Costs (#2) Yes! 15-Oct-2010 29-Dec-2010 19:55:33
Patrick O'Brian The Letter of Marque (#2) 12-Oct-2010 23-Oct-2010 20:11:58
David Weber War of Honor (#3) 10-Oct-2010 23-Oct-2010 20:15:03
Patrick O'Brian The Reverse of the Medal (#2) Yes! 5-Oct-2010 23-Oct-2010 20:09:37
Robert B. Parker Rough Weather Yes! 27-Sep-2010 29-Sep-2010 18:26:27
David Weber Torch of Freedom Yes! 14-Sep-2010 24-Sep-2010 19:58:59
Patrick O'Brian The Far Side of the World Yes! 11-Sep-2010 24-Sep-2010 19:41:02
Patrick O'Brian Treason's Harbor Yes! 3-Sep-2010 08-Sep-2010 20:23:39
Patrick O'Brian The Ionian Mission Yes! 29-Aug-2010 08-Sep-2010 20:24:18
Patrick O'Brian The Surgeon's Mate Yes! 24-Aug-2010 28-Aug-2010 21:15:35
Patrick O'Brian The Fortune of War Yes! 18-Aug-2010 28-Aug-2010 21:00:04
Patrick O'Brian Desolation Island Yes! 11-Aug-2010 16-Aug-2010 16:49:27
Patrick O'Brian The Mauritius Command Yes! 3-Aug-2010 15-Aug-2010 19:44:40
C. Northcote Parkinson Touch and Go Yes! 31-Jul-2010 15-Aug-2010 19:56:33
Patrick O'Brian H.M.S. Surprise Yes! 25-Jul-2010 31-Jul-2010 16:03:45
Patrick O'Brian Post Captain(#2) Yes! 16-Jul-2010 24-Jul-2010 12:56:44
Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander (#2) Yes! 11-Jul-2010 16-Jul-2010 20:17:09
David Weber The Excalibur Alternative (#2) 9-Jul-2010 08-Sep-2010 20:25:47
Rex Stout The Red Box (#3) 5-Jul-2010 04-Nov-2011 08:59:25
Rex Stout Some Buried Caesar (#2) Yes! 28-Jun-2010 09-Jun-2013 13:59:29
Rex Stout Fer-de-Lance (#2) Yes! 26-Jun-2010 12-Jul-2010 15:03:24
William H. Patterson, Jr. Robert A. Heinlein: Learning Curve (1907-1948) 25-Jun-2010 27-Jul-2010 12:43:18
Rex Stout The Rubber Band (#2) 21-Jun-2010 12-Jul-2010 15:09:29
John Sandford Everything Else Yes! 25-Apr-2010 10-Jul-2010 08:28:13
John Sandford Winter Prey Yes! 21-Apr-2010 21-May-2010 19:46:55
John Sandford Silent Prey Yes! 19-Apr-2010 21-May-2010 19:24:37
John Sandford Shadow Prey Yes! 16-Apr-2010 21-May-2010 19:18:29
W.E.B. Griffin Brotherhood of War series (#2) 14-Mar-2010 30-Apr-2010 18:36:35
Christopher Stasheff Saint Vidicon to the Rescue Yes! 10-Mar-2010 30-Apr-2010 18:33:58
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Undaunted Yes! 5-Mar-2010 30-Apr-2010 18:26:41
James D. Macdonald The Apocalypse Door Yes! 1-Mar-2010 30-Apr-2010 18:14:49
Reginald Hill A Clubbable Woman Yes! 22-Feb-2010 30-Apr-2010 17:57:14
John Sandford The Empress File Yes! 17-Feb-2010 28-Mar-2010 17:57:42
Greg Egan Crystal Nights 15-Feb-2010 27-Apr-2012 08:27:14
Emma Bull The Unicorn Evils Yes! 13-Feb-2010 14-Feb-2010 19:35:12
John Sandford Eyes of Prey Yes! 9-Feb-2010 21-May-2010 19:09:46
John Sandford Rules of Prey Yes! 6-Feb-2010 21-May-2010 20:03:39
Tobsha Learner Soul Yes! 5-Feb-2010 07-Jul-2010 19:51:33
Dorothy L. Sayers A Presumption of Death Yes! 2-Feb-2010 14-Feb-2010 15:31:07
Edward M. Lerner Moonstruck Yes! 31-Jan-2010 14-Feb-2010 15:16:22
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Intrepid Yes! 22-Jan-2010 14-Feb-2010 14:56:28
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Audacious Yes! 19-Jan-2010 31-Jan-2010 17:00:11
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Resolute Yes! 16-Jan-2010 31-Jan-2010 16:55:59
Steven Brust Iorich Yes! 14-Jan-2010 26-Jan-2010 14:34:57
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Defiant Yes! 7-Jan-2010 26-Jan-2010 14:26:17
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Deserter Yes! 4-Jan-2010 26-Jan-2010 13:54:18
Robert A. Heinlein Glory Road (#2) Yes! 2-Jan-2010 05-Jan-2010 18:20:32
Larry Niven Fleet of Worlds Yes! 28-Dec-2009 16-Jan-2010 19:44:31
Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Mutineer Yes! 23-Dec-2009 26-Jan-2010 14:28:25
Dorothy L. Sayers Strong Poison (#2) Yes! 20-Dec-2009 05-Jan-2010 18:29:34
Tom Clancy The Hunt for Red October 11-Dec-2009 02-Jan-2010 19:01:32
Poul Anderson Tales of the Flying Mountains 1-Dec-2009 02-Jan-2010 18:46:01
Frederik Pohl Chasing Science 10-Nov-2009 29-Dec-2009 19:28:05
Arthur C. Clarke The Last Theorem 3-Nov-2009 29-Dec-2009 19:38:19
Ellen Ullman The Bug Yes! 20-Oct-2009 25-Oct-2009 16:30:50
Karl Schroeder Sun of Suns Yes! 14-Oct-2009 29-Dec-2009 19:21:43
Robert Silverberg Other Spaces, Other Times 3-Oct-2009 25-Oct-2009 16:11:33
Larry Niven Juggler of Worlds Yes! 21-Sep-2009 25-Oct-2009 15:52:53
David Weber By Heresies Distressed Yes! 11-Sep-2009 21-Sep-2009 20:43:13
Ed McBain Ghosts Yes! 5-Sep-2009 07-Sep-2009 10:00:03
Greg Egan Distress Yes! 1-Sep-2009 07-Sep-2009 10:01:15
Peter O'Donnell The Xanadu Talisman (#2) 28-Aug-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:56:06
Peter O'Donnell Last Day in Limbo (#2) Yes! 25-Aug-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:19
W.E.B. Griffin Death and Honor Yes! 21-Aug-2009 07-Sep-2009 09:33:57
W.E.B. Griffin Retreat, Hell! (#2) 18-Aug-2009 23-Aug-2009 17:14:32
W.E.B. Griffin Final Justice (#2) 10-Aug-2009 23-Aug-2009 17:13:19
Peter O'Donell The Night of Morningstar (#2) 8-Aug-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:54
Greg Egan Incandescence Yes! 1-Aug-2009 27-Apr-2012 08:25:59
L. Neil Smith The Mitzvah 19-Jul-2009 23-Jul-2009 19:59:45
Peter O'Donnell I, Lucifer (#2) 15-Jul-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:11
Peter O'Donnell The Impossible Virgin (#2) 7-Jul-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:48
Peter O'Donnell A Taste For Death (#3) 2-Jul-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:06
Peter O'Donnell The Silver Mistress (#2) 30-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:56:00
Peter O'Donnell Pieces of Modesty (#3) 21-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:41
Peter O'Donnell Modesty Blaise (#2) 15-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:55:32
Andre Norton Star Rangers Yes! 11-Jun-2009 23-Aug-2009 17:13:39
Rex Stout The Doorbell Rang (#3) 11-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:59:07
Rex Stout Champagne For One (#4) 10-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 08:58:08
Rex Stout Three For The Chair (#4) 9-Jun-2009 04-Nov-2011 09:00:08
Elizabeth Moon Engaging the Enemy 16-May-2009 19-Jul-2009 19:32:08
Elizabeth Moon Marque and Reprisal 12-May-2009 19-Jul-2009 19:31:44
David Weber Empire From the Ashes 30-Apr-2009 19-Jul-2009 19:22:13
Jo Walton Lifelode Yes! 27-Apr-2009 13-Jun-2009 18:51:00
Elizabeth Moon Trading in Danger Yes! 20-Apr-2009 04-May-2009 08:56:00
David Drake An Oblique Approach Yes! 12-Apr-2009 16-May-2009 15:28:04
W.E.B. Griffin The Corps 1-Mar-2009 04-May-2009 13:19:08
Elizabeth Bear Dust Yes! 7-Feb-2009 04-May-2009 08:53:37
Elizabeth Bear Undertow Yes! 1-Feb-2009 03-May-2009 20:09:24
Arthur C. Clarke Astounding Days 20-Jan-2009 01-May-2009 14:58:00
Paul Sann Kill the Dutchman! : The Story of Dutch Schultz 12-Jan-2009 01-May-2009 12:11:25
Robert A. Heinlein Waldo and Magic, Inc. Yes! 2-Jan-2009 01-May-2009 11:25:38
John Varley Red Lightning Yes! 17-Dec-2008 01-May-2009 11:59:24
Talbot Munday Jimgrim and Allah's Peace Yes! 12-Dec-2008 23-Apr-2009 19:09:05
Jack Broughton Thud Ridge 5-Dec-2008 23-Apr-2009 19:12:21
Robert B. Parker Now and Then 30-Nov-2008 23-Apr-2009 19:10:27
P.G. Wodehouse The Adventures of Sally Yes! 27-Nov-2008 04-Dec-2008 19:08:33
David Weber Worlds of Honor Yes! 22-Nov-2008 19-Jul-2009 19:22:51
Anne Perry Silence in Hanover Close Yes! 12-Nov-2008 04-Dec-2008 18:55:49
Robert A. Heinlein Tunnel in the Sky (#2) Yes! 7-Nov-2008 09-Nov-2008 19:17:09
David Weber The Shadow of Saganami (#2) 1-Nov-2008 08-Nov-2008 09:12:43
Arturo Perez-Reverte Captain Alatriste Yes! 15-Oct-2008 08-Nov-2008 09:09:15
John Ringo Unto the Breach Yes! 6-Oct-2008 09-Oct-2008 18:28:32
Charles Stross Saturn's Children Yes! 22-Sep-2008 09-Oct-2008 18:23:12
David Weber War of Honor (#2) 11-Sep-2008 26-Sep-2008 19:32:26
David Weber Crown of Slaves (#2) 27-Aug-2008 26-Sep-2008 19:25:31
Marissa Kristine Lingen What We Did To Save the Kingdom 12-Aug-2008 26-Nov-2011 18:27:16
Janet Kagan Mirabile (#5) 8-Aug-2008 04-Nov-2011 08:54:50
Robert A. Heinlein Job: A Comedy of Justice Yes! 2-Aug-2008 24-Aug-2008 13:09:09
Robert A. Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land (#2) Yes! 23-Jul-2008 29-Jul-2008 19:35:40
Edmund Crispin Buried for Pleasure Yes! 2-Jul-2008 20-Jul-2008 08:24:49
Jo Walton Deep 15-Jun-2008 26-Sep-2008 19:21:10
Scott Westerfeld Uglies Yes! 2-Jun-2008 20-Jul-2008 08:20:11
Elizabeth Bear Carnival Yes! 20-May-2008 27-May-2008 19:15:22
Matthew Hughes Template Yes! 1-May-2008 11-May-2008 08:36:22
Dorothy L. Sayers Have His Carcase Yes! 25-Apr-2008 07-May-2008 16:38:48
Dorothy L. Sayers Five Red Herrings (#2) Yes! 2-Apr-2008 27-Apr-2008 14:22:03
Peer Dickinson The Yellow Room Conspiracy Yes! 27-Mar-2008 27-Apr-2008 14:16:29
Elizabeth Bear Worldwired Yes! 20-Mar-2008 27-Apr-2008 14:10:51
Lois McMaster Bujold The Warrior's Apprentice Yes! 13-Mar-2008 24-Aug-2008 13:02:21
Charles Stross The Clan Corporate Yes! 9-Mar-2008 17-Mar-2008 21:17:45
Elizabeth Bear Scardown Yes! 2-Mar-2008 17-Mar-2008 21:10:26
Dorothy L. Sayers Strong Poison Yes! 28-Feb-2008 01-Mar-2008 08:04:04
Janet Kagan Mirabile (#4) 27-Feb-2008 04-Nov-2011 08:54:43
Robert A. Heinlein Time Enough for Love (#3) 23-Feb-2008 01-May-2009 11:58:33
Steven Brust My Own Kind of Freedom Yes! 20-Feb-2008 22-Feb-2008 16:11:45
Jerry Pournelle The Prince Yes! 8-Feb-2008 20-Feb-2008 07:51:15
Sue Grafton T is for Trespass Yes! 7-Feb-2008 15-Feb-2008 20:23:15
Edward E. Smith Masters of Space (#2) Yes! 6-Feb-2008 20-Feb-2008 07:54:53
Robert B. Parker Bad Business Yes! 1-Feb-2008 15-Feb-2008 19:55:12
Pamela Dean Going North Yes! 13-Jan-2008 06-Feb-2008 19:51:58
David Weber By Schism Rent Asunder Yes! 9-Jan-2008 29-Jan-2008 20:49:24
David Weber Off Armageddon Reef Yes! 29-Dec-2007 29-Jan-2008 20:50:19
Eliot Pattison Prayer of the Dragon Yes! 26-Dec-2007 30-Dec-2007 21:54:54
John Ringo Ghost Yes! 21-Dec-2007 30-Dec-2007 21:37:46
Edward E. Smith First Lensman (#2) 18-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:56:46
Edward E. Smith Triplanetary (#3) 15-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:42
Edward E. Smith Children of the Lens (#2) 13-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:56:40
Edward E. Smith Second Stage Lensmen (#2) 11-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:24
Edward E. Smith Gray Lensman (#3) 9-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:56:59
Edward E. Smith Galactic Patrol (#3) 7-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:56:51
Robert A. Heinlein Farmer in the Sky (#2) 5-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:54:22
Edward E. Smith Subspace Explorers (#5) 4-Dec-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:36
Rex Stout The Second Confession (#5) 29-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:59:54
Rex Stout Not Quite Dead Enough (#3) 27-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:58:56
Rex Stout Too Many Women (#2) 26-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 09:00:19
Robert A. Heinlein Starman Jones (#2) Yes! 24-Nov-2007 25-Nov-2007 15:23:36
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon (#4) 22-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:56:34
W.E.B. Griffin The Investigators (#2) 20-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:53:41
W.E.B. Griffin The Murderers (#3) 18-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:53:53
Cory Doctorow Little Brother Yes! 17-Nov-2007 27-Nov-2007 10:46:47
W.E.B. Griffin The Assassin (#3) 16-Nov-2007 18-Nov-2007 10:54:50
W.E.B. Griffin The Witness (#2) 14-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:54:05
W.E.B. Griffin Special Operations (#2) 12-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:53:10
W.E.B. Griffin The Victim (#2) 12-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:53:59
W.E.B. Griffin Men In Blue (#2) 10-Nov-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:52:28
Larry Steckler Hugo Gernsback 9-Nov-2007 25-Nov-2007 19:37:04
Charles Stross Halting State Yes! 5-Nov-2007 07-Nov-2007 11:08:56
Anthony Price Other Paths to Glory (#3) 3-Nov-2007 07-Nov-2007 10:50:04
Nicola Griffith Stay Yes! 31-Oct-2007 07-Nov-2007 10:50:55
Ellen Raskin The Westing Game Yes! 28-Oct-2007 30-Oct-2007 20:55:31
Charles Stross The Hidden Family Yes! 12-Oct-2007 26-Oct-2007 21:27:01
Charles Stross The Family Trade Yes! 8-Oct-2007 26-Oct-2007 21:23:01
Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Yes! 1-Oct-2007 30-Oct-2007 20:46:45
W.E.B. Griffin The Double Agents Yes! 24-Sep-2007 26-Sep-2007 15:08:48
David Weber March To the Stars Yes! 21-Sep-2007 26-Sep-2007 15:10:13
Edward E. Smith The Vortex Blaster Yes! 20-Sep-2007 25-Sep-2007 22:11:30
David Weber March To the Sea Yes! 14-Sep-2007 27-Nov-2007 10:42:26
David Weber March Upcountry Yes! 10-Sep-2007 25-Sep-2007 21:45:26
Susan Palwick Shelter Yes! 4-Sep-2007 11-Sep-2007 19:21:25
Austin Grossman Soon I Will Be Invincible Yes! 2-Sep-2007 04-Sep-2007 19:51:00
Nicola Griffith The Blue Place Yes! 30-Aug-2007 02-Sep-2007 16:34:00
Anthony Price October Men #2 27-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 09:42:40
Anthony Price Colonel Butler's Wolf #2 Yes! 23-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 09:47:56
Steven Brust Jhegaala 22-Aug-2007 29-Feb-2012 15:08:53
Anthony Price The Alamut Ambush (#2) Yes! 21-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 09:55:51
Anthony Price The Labyrinth Makers Yes! 18-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 09:56:18
David Weber Echoes of Honor Yes! 14-Aug-2007 18-Aug-2007 09:24:25
David Weber In Enemy Hands Yes! 8-Aug-2007 18-Aug-2007 09:23:18
David Weber Flag in Exile #3 6-Aug-2007 09-Aug-2007 20:44:25
David Weber Field of Dishonor (#4) 4-Aug-2007 09-Aug-2007 20:40:55
David Weber The Short Victorious War 2-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 00:08:02
Robert A. Heinlein Time Enough for Love (#2) 31-Jul-2007 09-Aug-2007 20:37:18
Ellen Kushner The Privilege of the Sword Yes! 27-Jul-2007 09-Aug-2007 20:26:53
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Yes! 23-Jul-2007 25-Jul-2007 21:52:21
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Yes! 19-Jul-2007 25-Jul-2007 21:37:02
David Weber The Honor of the Queen (#2) Yes! 16-Jul-2007 25-Jul-2007 21:34:36
David Weber On Basilisk Station Yes! 14-Jul-2007 16-Jul-2007 19:22:54
Emma Bull Finder Yes! 11-Jul-2007 16-Jul-2007 19:12:35
Robert A. Heinlein Starship Troopers Yes! 6-Jul-2007 11-Jul-2007 18:32:59
Edward E. Smith Skylark Three (#4) Yes! 5-Jul-2007 10-Jul-2007 18:34:19
Ian Hay All in It: "K(1)" Carries On: A Continuation of the First Hundred Thousand 27-Jun-2007 07-Jul-2007 16:17:04
Robert Ruark The Honey Badger Yes! 22-Jun-2007 24-Jul-2007 13:45:31
Lois McMaster Bujold Cetaganda (#2) Yes! 18-Jun-2007 27-Jun-2007 19:50:37
Diane Duane The Book of Night With Moon Yes! 31-May-2007 22-Jun-2007 16:04:17
Rex Stout The Second Confession (#4) 23-May-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:59:49
Lois McMaster Bujold A Civil Campaign (#4) 19-May-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:47:01
Edward E. Smith Subspace Survivors Yes! 14-May-2007 14-Jun-2007 16:29:31
Emma Bull Territory Yes! 10-May-2007 14-Jun-2007 16:15:17
Roger Zelazny Lord of Light Yes! 6-May-2007 22-Jan-2014 13:46:21
Laurie R. King The Beekeeper's Apprentice Yes! 1-May-2007 12-Jun-2007 19:49:43
Sue Grafton S Is For Silence Yes! 29-Apr-2007 01-May-2007 23:09:34
Sue Grafton R Is For Ricochet Yes! 27-Apr-2007 01-May-2007 22:59:59
Jamie Harrison Going Local Yes! 25-Apr-2007 01-May-2007 22:44:56
Ken MacLeod The Execution Channel Yes! 22-Apr-2007 01-May-2007 22:38:29
Robert B. Parker School Days Yes! 20-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007 22:32:11
Robert B. Parker Cold Service Yes! 19-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007 22:21:01
Sarah Zettel Fool's War Yes! 13-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007 22:17:46
Wen Spencer Dog Warrior Yes! 11-Apr-2007 15-Apr-2007 10:19:35
Wen Spencer Bitter Waters Yes! 8-Apr-2007 14-Apr-2007 23:48:01
Ian Hay The First Hundred Thousand 1-Apr-2007 09-Jul-2007 07:33:13
Rex Stout The Hand in the Glove Yes! 22-Mar-2007 23-Mar-2007 22:12:01
Lois McMaster Bujold Memory (#2) Yes! 21-Mar-2007 23-Mar-2007 19:58:37
Lois McMaster Bujold Mirror Dance (#2) Yes! 18-Mar-2007 23-Mar-2007 20:00:06
Robert A. Heinlein The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Yes! 11-Mar-2007 14-Mar-2007 20:39:47
Edward E. Smith Triplanetary (#2) Yes! 10-Mar-2007 11-Mar-2007 22:03:12
Tom Clancy Without Remorse Yes! 8-Mar-2007 10-Mar-2007 10:47:23
Ellis Peters The Leper of St. Giles 3-Mar-2007 10-Mar-2007 10:32:32
Ellis Peters St. Peter's Fair (#2) 1-Mar-2007 10-Mar-2007 10:29:11
John D. MacDonald Cape Fear (#2) Yes! 25-Feb-2007 20-Feb-2008 08:06:00
Robert A. Heinlein The Rolling Stones Yes! 24-Feb-2007 10-Mar-2007 10:11:06
Rex Stout Death of a Doxy (#3) 24-Feb-2007 10-Mar-2007 09:48:02
Rex Stout The Father Hunt (#2) 22-Feb-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:59:12
Rudyard Kipling Stalky And Company Yes! 19-Feb-2007 20-Feb-2007 21:20:54
Steven Brust Taltos Yes! 17-Feb-2007 04-Dec-2011 12:47:42
Steven Brust Jhereg Yes! 16-Feb-2007 18-Feb-2007 17:29:02
Edward E. Smith Masters of the Vortex (#3) 14-Feb-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:19
John M. Ford How Much For Just The Planet? Yes! 11-Feb-2007 15-Feb-2007 15:29:50
Rex Stout The Doorbell Rang (#2) Yes! 10-Feb-2007 11-Feb-2007 09:58:00
Rex Stout Trio For Blunt Instruments Yes! 8-Feb-2007 09-Feb-2007 21:29:16
Edward E. Smith Subspace Explorers (#4) 7-Feb-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:29
Edward E. Smith Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others (#4) 6-Feb-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:57:04
Rex Stout Homicide Trinity (#3) 5-Feb-2007 08-Feb-2007 15:10:20
Rex Stout A Right To Die (#3) 3-Feb-2007 08-Feb-2007 15:08:38
Rex Stout The Mother Hunt (#2) 1-Feb-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:59:19
Janet Kagan Mirabile (#3) 29-Jan-2007 08-Feb-2007 15:01:25
W.E.B. Griffin Call To Arms (#4) 23-Jan-2007 08-Feb-2007 15:04:23
W.E.B. Griffin Semper Fi (#4) 21-Jan-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:53:02
Rex Stout Gambit (#3) 19-Jan-2007 04-Nov-2011 08:58:32
Charles Stross The Jennifer Morgue Yes! 17-Jan-2007 13-Nov-2012 19:17:49
Arnaldur Indriðason Jar City Yes! 14-Jan-2007 16-Jan-2007 21:25:37
Lois McMaster Bujold Diplomatic Immunity (#4) Yes! 12-Jan-2007 16-Jan-2007 21:09:02
Lois McMaster Bujold A Civil Campaign (#3) Yes! 8-Jan-2007 29-Sep-2010 18:32:52
Lois McMaster Bujold Komarr (#2) Yes! 6-Jan-2007 12-Jan-2007 14:02:54
Edward E. Smith Skylark DuQuesne (#3) Yes! 5-Jan-2007 06-Jan-2007 10:59:03
Edward E. Smith Skylark of Valeron (#2) Yes! 4-Jan-2007 30-May-2013 10:52:16
Edward E. Smith Skylark Three (#3) 2-Jan-2007 06-Jan-2007 10:45:06
John M. Ford Web of Angels Yes! 29-Dec-2006 01-Jan-2007 12:04:53
Thomas Harris Hannibal Rising Yes! 22-Dec-2006 27-Dec-2006 20:44:13
Caroline Stevermer A Scholar of Magics Yes! 18-Dec-2006 27-Dec-2006 20:36:19
Caroline Stevermer A College of Magics Yes! 17-Dec-2006 27-Dec-2006 20:37:06
Patricia C. Wrede Sorcery and Cecilia Yes! 15-Dec-2006 27-Dec-2006 20:09:02
Thomas Harris Hannibal Yes! 13-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006 16:31:33
Thomas Harris The Silence of the Lambs (#2) Yes! 12-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006 16:26:14
Thomas Harris Red Dragon (#3) Yes! 9-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006 16:32:04
Arthur Conan Doyle Random Sherlock Holmes 4-Dec-2006 17-Dec-2006 11:57:36
John Ringo Choosers of the Slain Yes! 2-Dec-2006 17-Dec-2006 10:17:59
Rex Stout Champagne For One (#3) 25-Nov-2006 04-Nov-2011 08:57:58
Rex Stout Three For The Chair (#3) 23-Nov-2006 04-Nov-2011 09:00:02
Rex Stout If Death Ever Slept (#2) 22-Nov-2006 04-Nov-2011 08:58:51
Rex Stout Three Witnesses (#2) 21-Nov-2006 04-Nov-2011 09:00:13
Roger Zelazny The Last Defender of Camelot Yes! 19-Nov-2006 10-Dec-2006 21:08:37
Robert Charles Wilson Spin Yes! 12-Nov-2006 19-Nov-2006 21:25:34
Jack Broughton Going Downtown 10-Nov-2006 17-Dec-2006 10:21:07
Mark Kurlansky The Big Oyster 3-Nov-2006 06-Nov-2006 20:10:13
David Weber Bolo Yes! 25-Oct-2006 17-Dec-2006 10:22:24
Charles Stross Glasshouse Yes! 19-Oct-2006 05-Nov-2006 20:17:31
Rex Stout Triple Jeopardy #2 Yes! 17-Oct-2006 19-Oct-2006 18:07:45
John M. Ford Growing Up Weightless Yes! 15-Oct-2006 17-Oct-2006 12:23:09
Lois McMaster Bujold The Sharing Knife: Beguilement Yes! 14-Oct-2006 15-Oct-2006 20:44:57
W.E.B. Griffin The Saboteurs Yes! 12-Oct-2006 15-Oct-2006 20:27:10
Rex Stout The Golden Spiders Yes! 11-Oct-2006 16-Oct-2006 12:58:42
John M. Ford The Dragon Waiting Yes! 9-Oct-2006 04-Sep-2007 11:24:56
Carl Hiaasen Skin Tight Yes! 4-Oct-2006 15-Oct-2006 20:23:57
P.G. Wodehouse The Head of Kay's Yes! 3-Oct-2006 19-Oct-2006 18:21:00
Colin Cotterill The Coroner's Lunch Yes! 29-Sep-2006 16-Oct-2006 12:57:17
W.E. Butterworth Leroy and the Old Man Yes! 24-Sep-2006 16-Oct-2006 12:56:53
Robert A. Heinlein Variable Star Yes! 23-Sep-2006 27-Sep-2006 19:41:42
John Ringo Kildar Yes! 18-Sep-2006 09-Oct-2008 18:30:55
Michael Z. Williamson The Weapon Yes! 12-Sep-2006 23-Sep-2006 20:54:36
Michael Z. Williamson Freehold Yes! 3-Sep-2006 23-Sep-2006 20:47:26
Julie Phillips James Tiptree, Jr. 27-Aug-2006 04-Sep-2006 13:21:33
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography 22-Aug-2006 15-Oct-2006 20:02:58
P.G. Wodehouse The Pot Hunters Yes! 20-Aug-2006 04-Sep-2006 12:56:16
Karl Schroeder Lady of Mazes Yes! 15-Aug-2006 04-Sep-2006 12:47:38
Steven Brust Dzur Yes! 7-Aug-2006 09-Aug-2006 09:03:51
Philip Pullman The Subtle Knife Yes! 29-Jul-2006 09-Aug-2006 08:44:11
Steven Brust Issola Yes! 27-Jul-2006 26-Feb-2012 09:27:13
P.G. Wodehouse The Gold Bat Yes! 22-Jul-2006 28-Jul-2006 22:52:39
P.G. Wodehouse Mike Yes! 19-Jul-2006 28-Jul-2006 21:58:56
Philip Pullman The Golden Compass Yes! 18-Jul-2006 29-Jul-2006 15:57:15
Robert A. Heinlein Have Spacesuit, Will Travel Yes! 16-Jul-2006 03-Jan-2010 13:44:44
Dorothy L. Sayers Whose Body? (#2) Yes! 13-Jul-2006 28-Jul-2006 20:26:14
Robert A. Heinlein The Menace From Earth Yes! 11-Jul-2006 13-Jul-2006 06:28:03
Rex Stout The Second Confession (#3) Yes! 9-Jul-2006 11-Jul-2006 14:09:25
Robert B. Parker All Our Yesterdays Yes! 8-Jul-2006 11-Jul-2006 14:14:08
John D. MacDonald The Long Lavender Look (#2) Yes! 6-Jul-2006 08-Jul-2006 17:41:27
Edward E. Smith Spacehounds of IPC (#3) 2-Jul-2006 08-Jul-2006 17:37:06
Allan Pinkerton The Burglar's Fate and the Detectives Yes! 27-Jun-2006 08-Jul-2006 17:32:20
Kage Baker The Empress of Mars Yes! 25-Jun-2006 29-Jun-2006 20:02:33
Brenda Cooper Building Harlequin's Moon Yes! 16-Jun-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:47:18
David Dyer-Bennet Fifth Anniversary of Booknotes 15-Jun-2006 15-Jun-2006 10:27:30
Jo Walton Ha'penny Yes! 14-Jun-2006 22-Jun-2006 20:50:12
Alan E. Nourse Star Surgeon Yes! 12-Jun-2006 22-Jun-2006 20:35:37
Naomi Novik Throne of Jade Yes! 6-Jun-2006 23-Jun-2006 08:32:25
Naomi Novik His Majesty's Dragon Yes! 3-Jun-2006 08-Jun-2006 18:52:59
Edward E. Smith Subspace Explorers (#3) 1-Jun-2006 08-Jun-2006 18:24:29
David Weber Heirs of Empire (#2) Yes! 27-May-2006 19-Aug-2006 10:48:24
David Weber The Armageddon Inheritance (#2) Yes! 25-May-2006 10-Mar-2007 10:16:05
David Weber Mutineer's Moon (#2) Yes! 22-May-2006 19-Aug-2006 10:48:35
Edward E. Smith The Galaxy Primes (#2) Yes! 21-May-2006 22-May-2006 21:47:52
Edward E. Smith Galactic Patrol (#2) Yes! 18-May-2006 21-May-2006 20:27:26
Rex Stout Might As Well Be Dead (#2) Yes! 13-May-2006 16-May-2006 21:34:29
Arthur Conan Doyle The Return of Sherlock Holmes Yes! 12-May-2006 16-May-2006 21:29:19
H. Beam Piper Murder In the Gun Room Yes! 7-May-2006 09-May-2006 21:45:27
Robert A. Heinlein I Will Fear No Evil Yes! 4-May-2006 10-May-2006 00:51:55
Rex Stout And Be A Villain (#3) Yes! 2-May-2006 09-May-2006 16:37:54
Rex Stout Plot It Yourself (#2) 30-Apr-2006 09-May-2006 16:30:25
Diane Duane Wizards at War Yes! 26-Apr-2006 28-Apr-2006 15:09:41
W.E.B. Griffin Special Ops Yes! 21-Apr-2006 23-Apr-2006 17:26:27
David Weber We Few Yes! 29-Mar-2006 31-Mar-2006 16:07:09
W.E. Butterworth Steve Bellamy Yes! 16-Mar-2006 16-Mar-2006 19:09:44
W.E. Butterworth Redline 7100 Yes! 15-Mar-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:46:00
W.E. Butterworth Team Racer Yes! 14-Mar-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:46:41
G.K. Chesterton The Club of Queer Trades 10-Mar-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:47:00
Arthur Conan Doyle The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 8-Mar-2006 15-Mar-2006 15:24:05
Pat Barker Regeneration Trilogy Yes! 4-Mar-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:43:33
W.E. Butterworth A Member of the Family Yes! 4-Mar-2006 04-Mar-2006 16:20:29
Greg Swann Mantrap Yes! 1-Mar-2006 01-Mar-2006 14:45:37
Elizabeth Bear Hammered Yes! 26-Feb-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:44:53
Robert B. Parker A Savage Place Yes! 22-Feb-2006 23-Feb-2006 21:01:47
David Langford The Leaky Establishment Yes! 20-Feb-2006 22-Feb-2006 14:11:54
John Taine The Iron Star Yes! 12-Feb-2006 18-Feb-2006 11:08:37
P.G. Wodehouse The Politeness of Princes and Other School Stories 6-Feb-2006 20-Feb-2006 17:46:43
Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys Yes! 3-Feb-2006 11-Feb-2006 10:29:10
W.E.B. Griffin The Hostage Yes! 29-Jan-2006 31-Jan-2006 20:13:45
Karen Traviss City of Pearl Yes! 25-Jan-2006 31-Jan-2006 19:42:48
Douglas Botting Gerald Durrell: The Authorized Biography 22-Jan-2006 12-Apr-2006 12:25:05
W.E.B. Griffin By Order of the President Yes! 17-Jan-2006 29-Aug-2007 23:49:25
H. Beam Piper Space Viking Yes! 14-Jan-2006 09-May-2006 21:47:14
H. Beam Piper The Other Human Race Yes! 12-Jan-2006 19-Jan-2006 15:27:10
H. Beam Piper Little Fuzzy Yes! 8-Jan-2006 19-Jan-2006 15:24:51
H. Beam Piper Empire Yes! 5-Jan-2006 19-Jan-2006 15:18:02
Robert B. Parker Early Autumn Yes! 4-Jan-2006 05-Jan-2006 18:14:19
Robert B. Parker Looking for Rachel Wallace Yes! 3-Jan-2006 05-Jan-2006 18:07:32
Robert B. Parker The Judas Goat Yes! 2-Jan-2006 05-Jan-2006 18:03:11
Robert B. Parker Promised Land Yes! 1-Jan-2006 02-Jan-2006 18:53:40
Robert B. Parker Mortal Stakes Yes! 31-Dec-2005 02-Jan-2006 18:46:53
Robert B. Parker God Save the Child Yes! 29-Dec-2005 02-Jan-2006 18:35:41
Robert A. Heinlein Beyond This Horizon 27-Dec-2005 11-Sep-2007 19:27:56
Gerrald Durrell The Aye-Aye and I 25-Dec-2005 27-Dec-2005 20:53:56
Scott Westerfeld Peeps Yes! 24-Dec-2005 25-Dec-2005 11:05:10
Richard Blaker The Needle-Watcher Yes! 18-Dec-2005 29-Aug-2007 23:45:03
Greg Egan (Misc. stories #1) Yes! 16-Dec-2005 23-Dec-2005 21:51:29
P.G. Wodehouse Psmith in the City Yes! 14-Dec-2005 23-Feb-2006 21:20:07
Rex Stout Death of a Doxy (#2) 12-Dec-2005 23-Dec-2005 21:28:57
Walter Jon Williams Conventions of War Yes! 6-Dec-2005 23-Dec-2005 21:24:24
Vernor Vinge Rainbows End Yes! 30-Nov-2005 13-Nov-2012 19:19:47
David Weber The Shadow of Saganami Yes! 21-Nov-2005 20-Mar-2014 17:59:31
David Weber At All Costs Yes! 12-Nov-2005 20-Nov-2005 16:21:55
Charles Stross Accelerando Yes! 19-Oct-2005 20-Nov-2005 16:08:25
Edward E. Smith Skylark Three (#2) 15-Oct-2005 06-Jan-2007 10:44:13
Janet Kagan Mirabile (#2) 10-Oct-2005 19-Aug-2006 10:44:05
John Scalzi Agent to the Stars Yes! 10-Oct-2005 19-Oct-2005 13:34:21
Cory Doctorow Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Yes! 7-Oct-2005 13-Oct-2005 23:52:53
Charles Stross Nightfall Yes! 2-Oct-2005 13-Oct-2005 23:50:15
Patrick O'Brian Blue at the Mizzen Yes! 29-Sep-2005 13-Oct-2005 23:09:26
Patrick O'Brian The Hundred Days Yes! 21-Sep-2005 12-Jul-2010 15:18:32
Patrick O'Brian The Yellow Admiral Yes! 15-Sep-2005 19-Sep-2005 19:47:31
Patrick O'Brian The Commodore Yes! 10-Sep-2005 14-Sep-2005 00:49:12
Giles MacDonogh A Good German 1-Sep-2005 09-Aug-2007 20:53:06
Patrick O'Brian The Wine-Dark Sea Yes! 28-Aug-2005 04-Sep-2005 14:48:04
Patrick O'Brian The Truelove Yes! 24-Aug-2005 27-Aug-2005 09:32:27
Patrick O'Brian The Nutmeg of Consolation Yes! 21-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:48:56
Rex Stout Three Men Out (#2) 20-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:37:04
Rex Stout Homicide Trinity (#2) 18-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:35:42
Rex Stout Three For The Chair (#2) Yes! 16-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:32:58
Patrick O'Brian The Thirteen Gun Salute Yes! 14-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:40:37
W.E.B. Griffin The Fighting Agents Yes! 12-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:11:08
W.E.B. Griffin The Soldier Spies Yes! 10-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:08:38
W.E.B. Griffin The Secret Warriors Yes! 8-Aug-2005 24-Aug-2005 15:05:04
W.E.B. Griffin The Last Heroes Yes! 6-Aug-2005 07-Aug-2005 22:56:43
Patrick O'Brian The Letter of Marque Yes! 2-Aug-2005 07-Aug-2005 22:56:02
Patrick O'Brian The Reverse of the Medal Yes! 30-Jul-2005 02-Aug-2005 23:40:50
Eric L. Harry Arc Light 28-Jul-2005 02-Aug-2005 12:53:19
Wen Spencer Alien Taste Yes! 12-Jul-2005 03-Aug-2005 17:13:49
Patrick O'Brian Post Captain Yes! 5-May-2005 10-May-2005 16:53:25
Lois McMaster Bujold Diplomatic Immunity (#3) 1-May-2005 10-May-2005 16:45:07
Stuart C. Zeman So You Want To Be A Doctor... 29-Apr-2005 29-Apr-2005 20:46:28
Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander Yes! 28-Apr-2005 05-May-2005 21:04:06
John Taine The Forbidden Garden Yes! 25-Apr-2005 29-Apr-2005 20:25:35
Larry Niven Footfall Yes! 1-Apr-2005 08-Apr-2005 20:55:54
Clifford D. Simak Way Station Yes! 22-Mar-2005 24-Mar-2005 23:30:00
John Taine The Time Stream Yes! 11-Mar-2005 24-Mar-2005 23:20:01
Rex Stout The Second Confession (#2) Yes! 10-Mar-2005 11-Mar-2005 23:10:27
Rex Stout Black Orchids (#2) Yes! 9-Mar-2005 11-Mar-2005 23:07:38
Peter O'Donnell Cobra Trap Yes! 7-Mar-2005 23-Jul-2009 19:22:22
Rex Stout Where There's A Will (#2) Yes! 5-Mar-2005 11-Mar-2005 22:01:02
Rex Stout Over My Dead Body (#2) Yes! 4-Mar-2005 11-Mar-2005 17:22:35
Rex Stout Too Many Cooks Yes! 2-Mar-2005 08-Mar-2005 13:03:20
Rex Stout The Red Box (#2) 1-Mar-2005 08-Mar-2005 12:50:19
Rex Stout Not Quite Dead Enough (#2) Yes! 28-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 21:13:55
Rex Stout The League of Frightened Men Yes! 27-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 21:07:48
Rex Stout The Rubber Band Yes! 26-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 21:09:16
Rex Stout Some Buried Caesar Yes! 25-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 21:07:09
Rex Stout Fer-de-Lance Yes! 23-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 20:50:38
Wilmar H. Shiras Children of the Atom Yes! 21-Feb-2005 23-Feb-2005 16:22:17
John Keegan The Mask of Command 18-Feb-2005 21-Feb-2005 20:14:49
Charles Stross The Atrocity Archives Yes! 13-Feb-2005 16-Feb-2005 00:25:59
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon (#3) 8-Feb-2005 04-Nov-2011 08:56:29
Kate Wilhelm Death Qualified Yes! 4-Feb-2005 10-Feb-2005 08:38:28
Dorothy L. Sayers Gaudy Night (#2) Yes! 2-Feb-2005 04-Feb-2005 21:05:40
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Dido Yes! 28-Jan-2005 30-Jan-2005 12:37:04
Charles Stross Iron Sunrise Yes! 24-Jan-2005 30-Jan-2005 21:41:25
Oliver Sacks An Anthropologist On Mars 20-Jan-2005 25-Jan-2005 05:50:36
Edward E. Smith Spacehounds of IPC (#2) 19-Jan-2005 20-Jan-2005 16:39:38
John M. Ford The Scholars of Night Yes! 17-Jan-2005 14-Feb-2010 15:52:17
Anthony Price The Eyes of the Fleet 10-Jan-2005 17-Jan-2005 16:37:51
Anthony Price The Memory Trap Yes! 6-Jan-2005 10-Jan-2005 15:59:30
Anthony Price A Prospect of Vengeance Yes! 4-Jan-2005 07-Jan-2005 11:55:54
Oliver Sacks The man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat 30-Dec-2004 07-Jan-2005 00:12:18
Richard H. Graham SR-71 Blackbird 27-Dec-2004 29-Aug-2007 23:49:00
Anthony Price A New Kind of War Yes! 24-Dec-2004 29-Dec-2004 22:06:40
Anthony Price For The Good of the State Yes! 21-Dec-2004 24-Dec-2004 10:54:30
Anthony Price Here Be Monsters Yes! 17-Dec-2004 21-Dec-2004 07:12:54
Anthony Price Sion Crossing Yes! 14-Dec-2004 21-Dec-2004 07:09:23
Anthony Price Gunner Kelly Yes! 11-Dec-2004 21-Dec-2004 07:00:27
Anthony Price The Old Vengeful Yes! 8-Dec-2004 17-Dec-2004 22:24:34
Anthony Price Soldier No More Yes! 4-Dec-2004 21-Dec-2004 07:16:05
Anthony Price The Hour of the Donkey Yes! 1-Dec-2004 28-Apr-2010 08:37:25
Anthony Price Tomorrow's Ghost Yes! 28-Nov-2004 30-Nov-2004 15:21:47
Anthony Price The '44 Vintage Yes! 23-Nov-2004 28-Nov-2004 21:38:33
Anthony Price War Game Yes! 19-Nov-2004 24-Nov-2004 14:01:07
Anthony Price Our Man In Camelot Yes! 18-Nov-2004 24-Nov-2004 14:01:56
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Making Book 16-Nov-2004 19-Nov-2004 17:54:28
Anthony Price Other Paths to Glory (#2) Yes! 14-Nov-2004 16-Nov-2004 22:41:11
Anthony Price October Men Yes! 12-Nov-2004 15-Nov-2004 12:58:01
Anthony Price Colonel Butler's Wolf Yes! 10-Nov-2004 12-Nov-2004 11:55:15
Anthony Price The Alamut Ambush Yes! 8-Nov-2004 24-Nov-2004 14:02:21
Ellis Peters A Rare Benedictine Yes! 6-Nov-2004 08-Nov-2004 20:16:07
Agatha Christie The Floating Admiral Yes! 5-Nov-2004 07-Nov-2004 21:27:33
Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael's Penance Yes! 4-Nov-2004 09-Nov-2004 15:26:47
Ellis Peters The Holy Thief Yes! 2-Nov-2004 07-Nov-2004 21:06:10
Ellis Peters The Summer of the Danes Yes! 1-Nov-2004 07-Nov-2004 21:01:32
Ellis Peters The Potter's Field Yes! 29-Oct-2004 07-Nov-2004 20:58:30
Ellis Peters The Confession of Brother Haluin Yes! 26-Oct-2004 27-Oct-2004 12:05:23
Ellis Peters The Heretic's Apprentice Yes! 26-Oct-2004 30-Oct-2004 22:16:18
Ellis Peters The Hermit of Eyton Forest Yes! 25-Oct-2004 26-Oct-2004 22:26:45
Ellis Peters The Rose Rent Yes! 23-Oct-2004 24-Oct-2004 22:29:24
Ellis Peters The Raven in the Foregate Yes! 20-Oct-2004 24-Oct-2004 22:25:29
Ellis Peters An Excellent Mystery 18-Oct-2004 24-Oct-2004 22:21:40
Ellis Peters The Pilgrim of Hate Yes! 16-Oct-2004 24-Oct-2004 22:14:14
Ellis Peters Dead Man's Ransom Yes! 13-Oct-2004 14-Oct-2004 09:24:48
Ellis Peters The Devil's Novice Yes! 11-Oct-2004 13-Oct-2004 10:13:28
Ellis Peters The Sanctuary Sparrow Yes! 10-Oct-2004 13-Oct-2004 10:12:54
Ellis Peters The Virgin in the Ice Yes! 7-Oct-2004 09-Oct-2004 19:15:39
Ellis Peters The Leper of St. Giles Yes! 5-Oct-2004 09-Oct-2004 19:07:49
Dorothy L. Sayers The Nine Tailors Yes! 2-Oct-2004 09-Oct-2004 19:03:42
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Saracens Yes! 30-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:36:38
John McPhee Heirs of General Practice 29-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:19:44
John McPhee The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed 28-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:18:11
Ellis Peters St. Peter's Fair Yes! 27-Sep-2004 10-Mar-2007 10:27:35
Ellis Peters Monk's Hood Yes! 24-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:12:11
Ellis Peters One Corpse Too Many Yes! 21-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:05:21
Ellis Peters A Morbid Taste For Bones Yes! 18-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:03:35
Dorothy L. Sayers Murder Must Advertise Yes! 15-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 11:00:45
Larry Niven Oath of Fealty 12-Sep-2004 03-Oct-2004 10:55:40
Larry Niven The Gripping Hand 9-Sep-2004 16-Jan-2010 19:45:22
Peter O'Donnell The Impossible Virgin Yes! 7-Sep-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:23:39
Larry Niven Dream Park Yes! 4-Sep-2004 07-Sep-2004 22:07:30
Peter O'Donnell Dead Man's Handle Yes! 2-Sep-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:22:26
Charles Stross Singularity Sky Yes! 1-Sep-2004 02-Sep-2004 20:51:20
Charles Stross Toast Yes! 29-Aug-2004 02-Sep-2004 20:43:41
Peter O'Donnell A Taste For Death (#2) Yes! 27-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:12:26
Peter O'Donnell Modesty Blaise Yes! 26-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:23:03
Peter O'Donnell Pieces of Modesty (#2) Yes! 23-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:23:08
Peter O'Donnell The Xanadu Talisman Yes! 22-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:24:21
Peter O'Donnell Dragon's Claw Yes! 18-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:22:36
Peter O'Donnell Last Day in Limbo Yes! 16-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:22:47
Peter O'Donnell Sabre-Tooth (#2) Yes! 14-Aug-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:23:29
Edward E. Smith Skylark DuQuesne (#2) Yes! 11-Aug-2004 19-Aug-2006 10:46:23
Edward E. Smith Skylark of Valeron Yes! 8-Aug-2004 12-Aug-2004 22:23:21
Edward E. Smith Skylark Three Yes! 7-Aug-2004 19-Mar-2005 10:49:12
Judith Merril Better To Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril 4-Aug-2004 08-Aug-2004 11:27:53
C.S. Forester Plain Murder Yes! 30-Jul-2004 29-Aug-2007 23:48:47
Lawrence Block Burglars Can't Be Choosers Yes! 29-Jul-2004 31-Jul-2004 18:14:11
C.S. Forester Payment Deferred Yes! 26-Jul-2004 31-Jul-2004 18:17:01
Wilson S. Tucker Time Bomb Yes! 22-Jul-2004 24-Aug-2004 14:06:19
Diane Duane The Wounded Sky Yes! 20-Jul-2004 22-Jul-2004 21:52:25
Dashiell Hammett The Thin Man Yes! 18-Jul-2004 20-Jul-2004 17:53:46
Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon Yes! 17-Jul-2004 17-Jul-2004 23:18:52
Dashiell Hammett The Dain Curse Yes! 15-Jul-2004 17-Jul-2004 23:25:07
Raymond Chandler Farewell, My Lovely Yes! 12-Jul-2004 29-Aug-2007 23:46:51
Robert Charles Wilson Darwinia Yes! 22-Jun-2004 19-Nov-2006 21:30:11
Wen Spencer Tinker Yes! 16-Jun-2004 18-Jun-2004 21:42:12
David Dyer-Bennet Third Anniversary of Booknotes 15-Jun-2004 29-Aug-2007 23:47:37
Anne McCaffrey Partnership Yes! 13-Jun-2004 15-Jun-2004 23:13:31
Anne McCaffrey The Ship Who Searched Yes! 10-Jun-2004 15-Jun-2004 23:14:13
David Weber Crown of Slaves Yes! 7-Jun-2004 11-Jun-2004 15:20:35
W.E.B. Griffin Retreat, Hell! Yes! 2-Jun-2004 11-Sep-2007 19:26:17
David Weber The Service of the Sword Yes! 31-May-2004 03-Jun-2004 22:26:25
William E. Butterworth Next Stop, Earth 29-May-2004 30-May-2004 12:21:32
Ken MacLeod Newton's Wake Yes! 29-May-2004 30-May-2004 12:25:28
Dodie Smith I Capture the Castle Yes! 26-May-2004 30-May-2004 12:17:02
Jo Walton Tooth and Claw Yes! 22-May-2004 26-May-2004 21:03:17
Donald Moffitt Jovian Yes! 21-May-2004 22-May-2004 23:12:38
Steven Brust Sethra Lavode Yes! 19-May-2004 21-May-2004 01:07:01
Jo Walton Farthing Yes! 17-May-2004 22-Jun-2006 20:51:22
Edward E. Smith Revolt of the Galaxy Yes! 16-May-2004 14-Sep-2005 01:16:29
Edward E. Smith The Omicron Invasion Yes! 15-May-2004 16-May-2004 13:43:03
Edward E. Smith Eclipsing Binaries Yes! 14-May-2004 15-May-2004 17:01:53
Edward E. Smith Planet of Treachery Yes! 13-May-2004 15-May-2004 16:56:37
Edward E. Smith The Purity Plot Yes! 12-May-2004 14-May-2004 14:14:57
Edward E. Smith Appointment At Bloodstar Yes! 11-May-2004 14-Sep-2005 01:17:20
Edward E. Smith Getaway World Yes! 10-May-2004 12-May-2004 15:08:48
John D. MacDonald Contrary Pleasures Yes! 9-May-2004 03-Jul-2012 09:27:51
John D. MacDonald The Brass Cupcake Yes! 7-May-2004 08-May-2004 09:12:16
Edward E. Smith The Clockwork Traitor Yes! 6-May-2004 07-May-2004 10:20:09
Edward E. Smith Strangler's Moon Yes! 5-May-2004 06-May-2004 12:46:37
W.E.B. Griffin Battleground (#2) 4-May-2004 04-Nov-2011 08:51:53
Edward E. Smith Imperial Stars Yes! 4-May-2004 05-May-2004 14:09:54
W.E. Butterworth Orders to Vietnam Yes! 2-May-2004 04-Aug-2012 10:46:59
W.E.B. Griffin Counterattack (#2) 2-May-2004 04-Nov-2011 08:52:05
W.E. Butterworth The Fastest Funny Car 1-May-2004 04-May-2004 22:31:20
W.E. Butterworth Hunger for Racing Yes! 29-Apr-2004 04-May-2004 22:22:50
W.E. Butterworth Grand Prix Driver Yes! 28-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 14:56:33
Thomas Harris The Silence of the Lambs Yes! 25-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 14:24:19
Thomas Harris Red Dragon (#2) 23-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 14:15:42
Edward E. Smith Subspace Encounter Yes! 21-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 14:11:28
Edward E. Smith Subspace Explorers (#2) 20-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 13:59:24
W.E.B. Griffin Call To Arms (#3) 18-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 13:49:52
W.E.B. Griffin Semper Fi (#3) 16-Apr-2004 04-Nov-2011 08:52:49
John D. MacDonald Cry Hard Cry Fast Yes! 15-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 13:43:37
John D. MacDonald Cape Fear Yes! 14-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 13:43:23
John D. MacDonald The Crossroads 12-Apr-2004 30-Apr-2004 13:42:46
John D. MacDonald The Lonely Silver Rain Yes! 7-Apr-2004 19-Apr-2004 20:08:45
John D. MacDonald Cinnamon Skin Yes! 6-Apr-2004 07-Apr-2004 16:15:03
John D. MacDonald Free Fall in Crimson Yes! 5-Apr-2004 07-Apr-2004 16:09:55
John D. MacDonald The Empty Copper Sea Yes! 2-Apr-2004 07-Apr-2004 16:03:30
John D. MacDonald The Dreadful Lemon Sky Yes! 1-Apr-2004 07-Apr-2004 15:58:18
John D. MacDonald The Turquoise Lament Yes! 29-Mar-2004 31-Mar-2004 11:39:19
John D. MacDonald The Scarlet Ruse Yes! 28-Mar-2004 30-Mar-2004 12:44:40
John D. MacDonald A Tan and Sandy Silence Yes! 27-Mar-2004 28-Mar-2004 00:46:44
John D. MacDonald The Long Lavender Look Yes! 24-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 12:15:37
John D. MacDonald Dress Her in Indigo Yes! 22-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 12:12:39
John D. MacDonald The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper Yes! 20-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 12:06:52
John D. Macdonald Pale Gray for Guilt Yes! 18-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 11:59:40
Poul Anderson For Love and Glory 15-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 11:55:26
John D. Macdonald One Fearful Yellow Eye Yes! 14-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 11:43:00
John D. MacDonald Darker Than Amber Yes! 13-Mar-2004 27-Mar-2004 11:37:54
John D. MacDonald Bright Orange for the Shroud Yes! 12-Mar-2004 13-Mar-2004 10:57:59
John D. MacDonald A Deadly Shade of Gold Yes! 11-Mar-2004 11-Mar-2004 20:42:51
John D. MacDonald The Quick Red Fox Yes! 10-Mar-2004 11-Mar-2004 20:40:12
Walter Jon Williams Dread Empire's Fall: The Sundering Yes! 7-Mar-2004 11-Mar-2004 20:33:44
Ted Chiang Stories of Your Life and Others Yes! 6-Mar-2004 07-Mar-2004 21:59:15
John D. MacDonald A Purple Place For Dying Yes! 5-Mar-2004 06-Mar-2004 09:38:38
John D. MacDonald Nightmare in Pink Yes! 5-Mar-2004 13-Mar-2004 11:02:28
John D. MacDonald The Deep Blue Goodbye Yes! 4-Mar-2004 04-Mar-2004 22:38:21
Rex Stout The Second Confession Yes! 3-Mar-2004 04-Mar-2004 10:12:08
Rex Stout And Be A Villain #2 Yes! 2-Mar-2004 03-Mar-2004 11:19:07
Anthony Price Other Paths to Glory Yes! 1-Mar-2004 02-Mar-2004 08:03:44
Nick O'Donohoe Open Season Yes! 28-Feb-2004 29-Feb-2004 18:48:38
John Gardner Icebreaker Yes! 27-Feb-2004 29-Feb-2004 18:39:36
John Gardner For Special Services Yes! 25-Feb-2004 29-Feb-2004 18:38:09
John Gardner License Renewed Yes! 24-Feb-2004 25-Feb-2004 11:42:39
Rex Stout The Final Deduction (#3) Yes! 23-Feb-2004 24-Feb-2004 14:50:27
Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Views the Body Yes! 21-Feb-2004 23-Feb-2004 11:43:02
John Varley Red Thunder Yes! 18-Feb-2004 22-Feb-2004 10:43:19
Peter O'Donnell I, Lucifer Yes! 16-Feb-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:22:41
Peter O'Donnell The Silver Mistress Yes! 13-Feb-2004 23-Jul-2009 19:24:07
David R. Palmer Emergence Yes! 10-Feb-2004 19-Feb-2004 21:20:50
Ellery Queen The Tragedy of X Yes! 8-Feb-2004 19-Feb-2004 21:05:15
Melville Davisson Post The Complete Uncle Abner 5-Feb-2004 10-Feb-2004 23:12:29
Dorothy L. Sayers Whose Body? Yes! 3-Feb-2004 08-Feb-2004 12:37:25
Lois McMaster Bujold Komarr Yes! 31-Jan-2004 10-Feb-2004 23:10:12
Dorothy L. Sayers The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club Yes! 29-Jan-2004 01-Feb-2004 21:43:17
Ngaio Marsh Night at the Vulcan Yes! 28-Jan-2004 30-Jan-2004 17:46:20
Tom Clancy The Sum of All Fears #2 Yes! 24-Jan-2004 10-Feb-2004 23:19:44
Edward E. Smith Gray Lensman #2 Yes! 24-Jan-2004 30-Dec-2007 21:46:05
Jacqueline Carey Kushiel's Dart Yes! 19-Jan-2004 24-Jan-2004 18:36:51
Ngaio Marsh Death of a Peer Yes! 17-Jan-2004 19-Jan-2004 21:05:55
Edward E. Smith Galactic Patrol Yes! 13-Jan-2004 18-Mar-2005 22:16:10
David Weber Flag in Exile #2 Yes! 11-Jan-2004 19-Aug-2006 10:48:13
Diane Duane Wizard's Holiday Yes! 10-Jan-2004 30-Dec-2011 13:25:43
Diane Duane A Wizard Alone Yes! 9-Jan-2004 10-Feb-2004 23:22:48
Dudley Pope Ramage at Trafalgar Yes! 7-Jan-2004 10-Feb-2004 23:23:29
Ngaio Marsh Vintage Murder Yes! 5-Jan-2004 11-Jan-2004 07:57:55
Dudley Pope Ramage's Challenge Yes! 3-Jan-2004 05-Jan-2004 20:06:23
Ngaio Marsh A Wreath for Rivera Yes! 1-Jan-2004 03-Jan-2004 12:05:24
Dudley Pope Ramage's Trial Yes! 29-Dec-2003 30-Dec-2003 21:21:06
Robert A. Heinlein For Us, the Living 25-Dec-2003 28-Jul-2006 20:18:10
Ngaio Marsh Dead Water Yes! 25-Dec-2003 30-Dec-2003 15:20:42
David Weber The Honor of the Queen Yes! 23-Dec-2003 24-Dec-2003 14:34:19
David Weber Field of Dishonor (#3) 22-Dec-2003 19-Aug-2006 10:48:03
Ngaio Marsh False Scent Yes! 21-Dec-2003 24-Dec-2003 10:22:15
Lois McMaster Bujold Memory Yes! 19-Dec-2003 20-Dec-2003 22:28:33
Lois McMaster Bujold Mirror Dance Yes! 18-Dec-2003 20-Dec-2003 22:16:29
Lois McMaster Bujold Brothers In Arms Yes! 17-Dec-2003 24-Dec-2003 10:17:57
Ngaio Marsh Died In the Wool Yes! 16-Dec-2003 16-Dec-2003 22:12:10
Lois McMaster Bujold Barrayar Yes! 15-Dec-2003 16-Dec-2003 22:03:54
Ngaio Marsh The Nursing Home Murder Yes! 13-Dec-2003 16-Dec-2003 19:51:53
John Barnes The Sky So Big and Black Yes! 12-Dec-2003 01-Mar-2004 11:02:13
Ngaio Marsh Light Thickens Yes! 11-Dec-2003 12-Dec-2003 22:43:12
Ngaio Marsh Scales of Justice Yes! 9-Dec-2003 12-Dec-2003 22:36:15
Ngaio Marsh Colour Scheme Yes! 8-Dec-2003 09-Dec-2003 03:21:43
David Weber The Apocalypse Troll Yes! 7-Dec-2003 13-Jan-2004 13:01:24
Ngaio Marsh Death in a White Tie Yes! 5-Dec-2003 09-Dec-2003 03:05:20
Ngaio Marsh Black As He's Painted Yes! 4-Dec-2003 05-Dec-2003 13:28:08
Keith Simpson Forty Years of Murder 3-Dec-2003 04-Dec-2003 15:45:43
David Weber Crusade Yes! 1-Dec-2003 04-Dec-2003 15:38:24
Ngaio Marsh When In Rome Yes! 29-Nov-2003 04-Dec-2003 15:11:29
Ngaio Marsh Hand in Glove Yes! 28-Nov-2003 04-Dec-2003 15:10:34
Rosemary Kirstein The Lost Steersman Yes! 25-Nov-2003 28-Nov-2003 17:12:37
Rosemary Kirstein The Outskirter's Secret Yes! 23-Nov-2003 25-Nov-2003 14:59:24
Edward E. Smith Subspace Explorers Yes! 19-Nov-2003 25-Nov-2003 14:55:54
Rosemary Kirstein The Steerswoman Yes! 18-Nov-2003 25-Nov-2003 14:45:03
Robert B. Parker Sudden Mischief Yes! 17-Nov-2003 10-Feb-2004 23:30:09
Robert B. Parker Back Story Yes! 16-Nov-2003 18-Nov-2003 16:50:17
Robert B. Parker Chance Yes! 15-Nov-2003 16-Nov-2003 19:56:42
Robert B. Parker Widow's Walk Yes! 15-Nov-2003 16-Nov-2003 21:03:34
Robert B. Parker Hugger Mugger (#2) Yes! 14-Nov-2003 16-Nov-2003 19:56:51
Robert B. Parker Thin Air Yes! 13-Nov-2003 16-Nov-2003 19:57:00
David Weber The Shiva Option Yes! 5-Nov-2003 16-Nov-2003 19:43:45
Ryk E. Spoor Digital Knight Yes! 3-Nov-2003 07-Nov-2003 16:05:19
David Weber Insurrection Yes! 31-Oct-2003 03-Nov-2003 10:38:05
Janet Kagan Uhura's Song Yes! 23-Oct-2003 03-Nov-2003 10:29:52
Stanley G. Weinbaum The Black Flame Yes! 21-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003 23:26:26
Dudley Pope Ramage's Devil Yes! 16-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003 23:13:17
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Renegades Yes! 14-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003 23:09:08
Frank Herbert Dune Yes! 10-Oct-2003 19-Jan-2014 10:46:23
Stanley G. Weinbaum The New Adam Yes! 8-Oct-2003 10-Feb-2004 23:35:22
Jacques Lowe Remembering Jack 6-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003 22:53:30
Linda Nagata Deception Well Yes! 4-Oct-2003 10-Feb-2004 23:44:30
Walter Jon Williams Dread Empire's Fall: The Praxis Yes! 1-Oct-2003 05-Oct-2003 16:26:56
Lois McMaster Bujold A Civil Campaign (#2) 28-Sep-2003 04-Nov-2011 08:47:36
Michael P. Kube-McDowell Empery Yes! 25-Sep-2003 27-Sep-2003 18:48:12
Michael P. Kube-McDowell Emprise Yes! 22-Sep-2003 27-Sep-2003 18:39:19
David Weber In Death Ground Yes! 19-Sep-2003 24-Sep-2003 16:36:33
Karl Schroeder Ventus Yes! 13-Sep-2003 24-Sep-2003 16:24:57
Michael P. Kube-McDowell Enigma Yes! 11-Sep-2003 24-Sep-2003 16:25:42
Charles Sheffield Summertide Yes! 7-Sep-2003 12-Sep-2003 16:30:55
Robert A. Heinlein Time Enough for Love Yes! 5-Sep-2003 07-Sep-2003 18:11:10
Greg Egan Quarantine Yes! 3-Sep-2003 07-Sep-2003 17:28:51
Edward E. Smith First Lensman Yes! 30-Aug-2003 01-Sep-2003 16:20:29
Edward E. Smith Triplanetary Yes! 29-Aug-2003 30-Aug-2003 21:16:27
Ngaio Marsh Singing in the Shrouds 25-Aug-2003 30-Aug-2003 21:05:34
Ngaio Marsh Killer Dolphin 24-Aug-2003 25-Aug-2003 18:56:21
Ngaio Marsh Spinsters in Jeopardy 23-Aug-2003 24-Aug-2003 08:32:19
Robert A. Heinlein Tunnel in the Sky Yes! 21-Aug-2003 08-Nov-2008 09:17:54
Robert A. Heinlein Starman Jones Yes! 20-Aug-2003 21-Aug-2003 18:41:35
Greg Egan Schild's Ladder Yes! 18-Aug-2003 20-Aug-2003 13:52:20
Edward E. Smith Masters of the Vortex #2 Yes! 15-Aug-2003 19-Aug-2006 10:46:05
Steven Brust The Lord of Castle Black Yes! 13-Aug-2003 15-Aug-2003 17:01:28
Edward E. Smith Children of the Lens Yes! 10-Aug-2003 10-Feb-2004 23:50:38
Edward E. Smith Second Stage Lensmen Yes! 4-Aug-2003 10-Feb-2004 23:51:26
Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Disappeared Yes! 29-Jul-2003 02-Aug-2003 14:33:44
Matt Ruff Sewer, Gas & Electric Yes! 20-Jul-2003 29-Jul-2006 08:58:32
Linda Nagata Limit of Vision Yes! 16-Jul-2003 19-Jul-2003 20:59:46
John Barnes In the Hall of the Martian King Yes! 11-Jul-2003 13-Jul-2003 16:20:09
Ngaio Marsh Death of a Fool Yes! 6-Jul-2003 13-Jul-2003 10:45:25
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Yes! 2-Jul-2003 01-Mar-2004 11:25:45
Ngaio Marsh Tied Up In Tinsel Yes! 26-Jun-2003 05-Jul-2003 12:57:44
Ngaio Marsh Enter a Murderer Yes! 23-Jun-2003 28-Jun-2003 09:32:33
Gregg Herken Brotherhood of the Bomb 20-Jun-2003 24-Jun-2003 08:12:47
Tom Clancy Debt of Honor Yes! 17-Jun-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:42:16
W.E.B. Griffin Secret Honor 11-Jun-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:38:09
W.E.B. Griffin Blood and Honor 4-Jun-2003 11-Feb-2004 00:00:49
W.E.B. Griffin Honor Bound Yes! 1-Jun-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:34:39
Edward E. Smith Gray Lensman Yes! 24-May-2003 02-Jun-2003 08:47:42
Larry Niven The Mote in God's Eye Yes! 19-May-2003 04-Feb-2014 14:30:04
Ngaio Marsh A Man Lay Dead Yes! 14-May-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:53:15
Ngaio Marsh Death and the Dancing Footman Yes! 13-May-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:59:57
Ngaio Marsh Artists in Crime Yes! 12-May-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:54:08
Ngaio Marsh Death at the Bar Yes! 10-May-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:52:59
Ngaio Marsh Grave Mistake Yes! 6-May-2003 22-Jun-2003 14:52:33
Jo Walton The Prize in the Game Yes! 3-May-2003 11-Feb-2004 00:02:39
Rex Stout A Family Affair (#2) Yes! 20-Apr-2003 03-Mar-2004 11:05:24
Rex Stout Prisoner's Base Yes! 17-Apr-2003 24-Apr-2003 09:34:42
Dorothy L. Sayers Five Red Herrings Yes! 15-Apr-2003 14-Aug-2003 21:10:58
Rex Stout Black Orchids Yes! 14-Apr-2003 03-Mar-2004 11:13:44
Rex Stout Double For Death Yes! 13-Apr-2003 03-Mar-2004 11:07:01
Rex Stout Three Witnesses Yes! 12-Apr-2003 02-Aug-2003 14:36:47
John Barnes Washington's Dirigible Yes! 10-Apr-2003 29-Aug-2007 23:44:42
John Barnes Caesar's Bicycle Yes! 8-Apr-2003 12-Apr-2003 00:57:40
John Barnes Patton's Spaceship Yes! 8-Apr-2003 29-Aug-2007 23:43:52
Stephen Baxter Manifold: Origin Yes! 24-Mar-2003 12-Apr-2003 00:22:33
Ron Goulart Daredevils, Ltd. Yes! 23-Mar-2003 25-Mar-2003 14:27:11
John Barnes A Princess of the Aerie Yes! 21-Mar-2003 23-Mar-2003 07:23:14
Karl Schroeder Permanence Yes! 19-Mar-2003 29-Jul-2006 15:46:47
Richard Cohen By the Sword 14-Mar-2003 23-Mar-2003 07:13:36
Sharon Lee The Tomorrow Log Yes! 10-Mar-2003 23-Mar-2003 07:05:16
Joel Rosenberg Home Front 4-Mar-2003 28-Oct-2013 20:45:10
W.E.B. Griffin Brotherhood of War series 17-Feb-2003 11-Sep-2007 19:26:40
Dudley Pope Ramage's Signal Yes! 16-Feb-2003 18-Feb-2003 11:53:36
W.E.B. Griffin Final Justice Yes! 14-Feb-2003 18-Feb-2003 12:06:29
Robert Charles Wilson The Chronoliths Yes! 10-Feb-2003 19-Nov-2006 21:30:49
Joel Rosenberg Murder in LaMut Yes! 9-Feb-2003 11-Feb-2004 00:08:58
Omar N. Bradley A Soldier's Story 31-Jan-2003 29-Aug-2007 23:45:14
Dudley Pope The Ramage Touch Yes! 30-Jan-2003 31-Jan-2003 20:33:43
Homer H. Hickam Rocket Boys 27-Jan-2003 31-Jan-2003 20:26:53
Edward E. Smith Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others (#3) 26-Jan-2003 09-Feb-2004 00:22:44
James Tobin Ernie Pyle's War 24-Jan-2003 26-Jan-2003 14:36:35
Alexander Fullerton The Blooding of the Guns Yes! 21-Jan-2003 11-Feb-2004 00:10:21
John Barnes The Merchants of Souls Yes! 15-Jan-2003 29-Aug-2007 23:44:23
David Weber The Excalibur Alternative Yes! 10-Jan-2003 13-Jan-2004 13:01:40
Joel Rosenberg Paladins Yes! 6-Jan-2003 28-Oct-2013 20:20:00
Steven Brust The Paths of the Dead Yes! 26-Dec-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:45:27
Rafael Sabatini Captain Blood Yes! 25-Dec-2002 05-Jan-2003 23:46:50
Harry Turtledove The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump Yes! 20-Dec-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:06:42
Edward E. Smith The Galaxy Primes Yes! 19-Dec-2002 21-Dec-2002 18:18:57
Edward E. Smith Spacehounds of IPC Yes! 17-Dec-2002 19-Dec-2002 21:53:35
Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep Yes! 10-Dec-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:47:31
Robert A. Heinlein Rocket Ship Galileo Yes! 8-Dec-2002 03-Jan-2010 13:24:58
Jane Lindskold Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart Yes! 3-Dec-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:44:56
Jane Lindskold Through Wolf's Eyes Yes! 27-Nov-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:44:49
Poul Anderson Operation Luna Yes! 24-Nov-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:38:05
W.E.B. Griffin The Investigators Yes! 22-Nov-2002 11-Sep-2007 19:26:27
Poul Anderson Operation Chaos Yes! 20-Nov-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:43:16
Lois McMaster Bujold Paladin of Souls 17-Nov-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:40:26
W.E.B. Griffin The Assassin (#2) Yes! 16-Nov-2002 10-Feb-2004 23:59:33
W.E.B. Griffin The Murderers (#2) Yes! 13-Nov-2002 10-Feb-2004 23:59:11
Neil Gaiman Good Omens Yes! 10-Nov-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:42:37
Lois McMaster Bujold The Curse of Chalion 7-Nov-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:40:34
Donald E. Westlake The Hot Rock Yes! 6-Nov-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:38:55
Lois McMaster Bujold Cetaganda Yes! 31-Oct-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:40:14
Donald E. Westlake The Hook Yes! 28-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:38:50
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Rebels Yes! 26-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:27
Patrick Robinson Nimitz Class Yes! 23-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:31:04
W.E.B. Griffin The Victim 21-Oct-2002 11-Sep-2007 19:27:06
W.E.B. Griffin The Witness 20-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:24:43
Janet Kagan Hellspark Yes! 18-Oct-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:43:59
Edward E. Smith Masters of the Vortex Yes! 17-Oct-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:46:13
John Barnes The Duke of Uranium Yes! 14-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 18:40:42
Peter O'Donnell Sabre-Tooth Yes! 13-Oct-2002 23-Jul-2009 19:23:34
Rex Stout Homicide Trinity 10-Oct-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:18
Rex Stout Three Men Out 9-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:33
David Weber War of Honor Yes! 9-Oct-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:49:22
Dudley Pope Ramage's Mutiny Yes! 6-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:44
Dudley Pope Ramage's Diamond Yes! 5-Oct-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:36
Arturo Pérez-Reverte The Club Dumas Yes! 1-Oct-2002 11-Feb-2004 00:20:43
Robert A. Heinlein Assignment in Eternity Yes! 30-Sep-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:43:11
Dudley Pope Ramage & the Guillotine Yes! 29-Sep-2002 29-Jul-2006 09:00:32
Bill Mauldin Up Front 26-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:28:35
Robert A. Heinlein Friday Yes! 25-Sep-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:43:18
Arturo Pérez-Reverte The Flanders Panel Yes! 23-Sep-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:08:59
Dorothy L. Sayers Thrones, Dominations (#2) Yes! 19-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:32:15
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon (#2) Yes! 17-Sep-2002 04-Nov-2011 08:42:11
Dorothy L. Sayers Gaudy Night Yes! 15-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:32:05
Thomas Harris Red Dragon 10-Sep-2002 11-Sep-2007 19:27:42
Rex Stout A Family Affair Yes! 9-Sep-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:05:36
Rex Stout Please Pass The Guilt Yes! 9-Sep-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:50
W.E.B. Griffin Special Operations Yes! 7-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:23:38
Samuel Shem The House of God 5-Sep-2002 09-Feb-2004 21:18:36
Rex Stout Death of a Dude Yes! 4-Sep-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:55
Rex Stout Three For The Chair Yes! 3-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:26
Rex Stout The Red Box Yes! 2-Sep-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:20
Edward E. Smith The Best of E.E. Doc Smith Yes! 31-Aug-2002 30-May-2013 16:43:21
W.E.B. Griffin Men In Blue Yes! 29-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:23:23
Rex Stout Where There's A Will Yes! 28-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:49
Edward E. Smith Skylark DuQuesne Yes! 27-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:46:29
Rex Stout Over My Dead Body Yes! 26-Aug-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:44
Khan Amore Hypatia Yes! 25-Aug-2002 04-Nov-2011 09:02:22
Rex Stout Not Quite Dead Enough Yes! 25-Aug-2002 28-Feb-2005 21:10:07
Rex Stout The Mother Hunt Yes! 24-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:15
Rex Stout If Death Ever Slept Yes! 23-Aug-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:23
Rex Stout Before Midnight Yes! 22-Aug-2002 08-Jul-2011 22:05:00
Rex Stout Plot It Yourself 20-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:35:39
Rex Stout The Father Hunt Yes! 18-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:35:59
Rex Stout Gambit (#2) 18-Aug-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:06
Rex Stout A Right To Die (#2) 14-Aug-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:05:59
Rex Stout Champagne For One (#2) 11-Aug-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:28
Res Stout The Black Mountain Yes! 10-Aug-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:35:43
David Weber Field of Dishonor (#2) 9-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:47:57
David Weber Ashes of Victory Yes! 5-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:47:49
Murray Leinster Med Ship 1-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:44:41
Lois McMaster Bujold A Civil Campaign Yes! 22-Jul-2002 29-Sep-2010 18:29:40
W.E. Butterworth Dave White & The Electric Wonder Car Yes! 20-Jul-2002 29-Jul-2006 09:01:41
W.E. Butterworth Yankee Driver 19-Jul-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:20:07
W.E. Butterworth Fast Green Car 18-Jul-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:19:55
W.E. Butterworth Stock Car Racer 18-Jul-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:46:08
Mark Twain Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven 17-Jul-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:37:29
Eric Flint 1633 4-Jul-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:48:20
Lois McMaster Bujold Diplomatic Immunity (#2) 26-Jun-2002 09-Feb-2004 11:51:44
Lois McMaster Bujold The Mountains of Mourning 26-Jun-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:19:38
W.A. Harbinson Genesis 24-Jun-2002 11-Sep-2007 19:27:28
Rex Stout Might As Well Be Dead Yes! 23-Jun-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:29
Rex Stout Curtains For Three 20-Jun-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:44
Rex Stout And Be A Villain 19-Jun-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:05:43
Rex Stout Death of a Doxy 18-Jun-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:50
Steven Brust The Phoenix Guards 17-Jun-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:45:36
Rex Stout And Four To Go Yes! 10-Jun-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:05:52
Rex Stout The Final Deduction (#2) Yes! 9-Jun-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:05
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Yes! 2-Jun-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:27:04
Rex Stout The Broken Vase Yes! 31-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:35:48
Dudley Pope Ramage's Prize Yes! 21-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:48
Dudley Pope Governer Ramage R.N. 16-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:04
Orson Scott Card Shadow of the Hegemon Yes! 14-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:20:22
P.J. Plauger Programming On Purpose II 14-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:29:59
Ralph McInerny A Cardinal Offense 13-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:29:01
W.E.B. Griffin The Aviators 11-May-2002 19-Dec-2002 18:03:56
Michael Kurland The Great Game Yes! 9-May-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:09:56
Joel Rosenberg Family Matters 6-May-2002 30-Oct-2013 21:03:27
Stephen Baxter Manifold Space 29-Apr-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:38:17
Jack McDevitt Infinity Beach Yes! 26-Apr-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:11:56
Tom Clancy The Sum of All Fears Yes! 21-Apr-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:20:37
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Freebooters 19-Apr-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:13
Dudley Pope Ramage and the Drumbeat 17-Apr-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:09
Dudley Pope Ramage Yes! 11-Apr-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:30:32
Mack Reynolds Galactic Medal of Honor Yes! 8-Apr-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:12:22
Eric Flint The Philosophical Strangler Yes! 20-Mar-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:42:21
Dean King Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed Yes! 15-Mar-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:27:17
Edward E. Smith Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others (#2) 14-Mar-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:33:05
Dorothy L. Sayers Thrones, Dominations Yes! 12-Mar-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:32:24
Harry Turtledove The Guns of the South Yes! 7-Mar-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:12:59
James H. Schmitz The Hub: Dangerous Territory 1-Mar-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:45:29
James H. Schmitz TNT: Telzey & Trigger 25-Feb-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:45:37
James H. Schmitz Trigger & Friends 19-Feb-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:45:44
Beryl Markham West With the Night 15-Feb-2002 28-Nov-2003 17:14:32
Ken MaCleod Dark Light 14-Feb-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:13:23
Rex Stout Champagne For One 13-Feb-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:38
Dorothy L. Sayers Busman's Honeymoon 10-Feb-2002 04-Nov-2011 08:45:42
Rex Stout Gambit 9-Feb-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:07:12
Rex Stout A Right To Die 9-Feb-2002 03-Mar-2004 11:06:07
Lois McMaster Bujold Diplomatic Immunity 7-Feb-2002 09-Feb-2004 11:52:46
Lois McMaster Bujold Winterfair Gifts Yes! 6-Feb-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:19:45
Rex Stout Too Many Women 6-Feb-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:36:39
David Drake Starliner 5-Feb-2002 01-Mar-2004 11:13:48
James W. Hall Body Language Yes! 4-Feb-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:24:59
David Cordingly Under the Black Flag 29-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:20:42
W.E.B. Griffin Under Fire 26-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:24:54
Elizabeth Moon Sheepfarmer's Daughter 21-Jan-2002 04-May-2009 08:55:13
Vernor Vinge The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge 17-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:37:37
Peter O'Donnell Pieces of Modesty 14-Jan-2002 23-Jul-2009 19:23:19
Peter O'Donell The Night of Morningstar 13-Jan-2002 23-Jul-2009 19:23:51
Peter O'Donnell A Taste For Death 9-Jan-2002 23-Jul-2009 19:22:17
James H. Schmitz Telzey Amberdon Yes! 5-Jan-2002 19-Aug-2006 10:50:47
Diane Duane Deathworld Yes! 4-Jan-2002 29-Aug-2007 23:47:52
Diane Duane Safe House Yes! 3-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:21:46
Diane Duane Runaways Yes! 2-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:21:41
Eric Frank Russell Major Ingredients, The Selected Short Stories of Eric Frank Russell Yes! 1-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2002 16:31:42
David Weber The War God's Own Yes! 27-Dec-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:49:16
David Weber Oath of Swords Yes! 25-Dec-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:49
W.E.B. Griffin In Danger's Path 22-Dec-2001 11-Sep-2007 19:26:03
W.E.B. Griffin Close Combat 20-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:23:03
W.E.B. Griffin Behind the Lines 18-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:22:41
W.E.B. Griffin Line of Fire 16-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:23:18
Bernard Cornwell Sharpe's Rifles 14-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:20:48
Jo Walton The King's Name 10-Dec-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:47:39
Laurell K. Hamilton The Laughing Corpse 7-Dec-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:43:01
Laurell K. Hamilton Guilty Pleasures 6-Dec-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:42:53
David Donachie The Dying Trade 3-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:21:25
W.E.B. Griffin Battleground 2-Dec-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:22:36
W.E.B. Griffin Counterattack 30-Nov-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:23:08
W.E.B. Griffin Call To Arms 27-Nov-2001 04-Aug-2012 10:40:30
Donald E. Westlake Don't Ask Yes! 25-Nov-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:38:46
Robert A. Heinlein Red Planet Yes! 23-Nov-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:43:25
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Yes! 22-Nov-2001 01-Mar-2004 11:27:38
Robert A. Heinlein Glory Road Yes! 20-Nov-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:25:41
W.E.B. Griffin Semper Fi (#2) 19-Nov-2001 04-Nov-2011 08:52:41
Edmund Crispin The Moving Toyshop Yes! 17-Nov-2001 29-Aug-2007 23:47:28
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Yes! 10-Nov-2001 01-Mar-2004 11:26:49
James H. Schmitz Agent of Vega Yes! 9-Nov-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:50:42
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 8-Nov-2001 01-Mar-2004 11:28:02
Harvard Lampoon Bored of the Rings Yes! 6-Nov-2001 11-Feb-2004 00:30:12
William R. Forstchen 1945 Yes! 3-Nov-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:22:14
Fredric Brown The Lenient Beast 30-Oct-2001 27-Aug-2007 08:37:00
David Donachie The Devil's Own Luck 26-Oct-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:21:21
Mary Gentle Grunts Yes! 19-Oct-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:22:32
J. R. R. Tolkien The Return of the King Yes! 8-Oct-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:47:17
J. R. R. Tolkien The Two Towers Yes! 3-Oct-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:47:23
J. R. R. Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring Yes! 22-Sep-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:47:02
J. R. R. Tolkien The Hobbit Yes! 18-Sep-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:47:10
David Weber Flag in Exile Yes! 16-Sep-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:19
David Weber Field of Dishonor Yes! 15-Sep-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:08
Edmund Crispin The Glimpses of the Moon 8-Sep-2001 11-Feb-2004 00:26:51
Edmund Crispin The Case of the Gilded Fly 5-Sep-2001 11-Feb-2004 00:27:17
Robert A. Heinlein Farmer in the Sky Yes! 3-Sep-2001 11-Sep-2007 19:28:07
Rex Stout The Doorbell Rang Yes! 3-Sep-2001 09-Jun-2013 14:25:12
Rex Stout The Final Deduction Yes! 2-Sep-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:36:10
Rex Stout Triple Jeopardy Yes! 30-Aug-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:36:44
Janet Kagan Mirabile 28-Aug-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:44:12
Avram Davidson The Investigations of Avram Davidson 26-Aug-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:21:11
Michael Kurland The Infernal Device and Others 24-Aug-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:44:28
Eric Flint 1632 23-Aug-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:41:40
John D. MacDonald Soft Touch Yes! 22-Aug-2001 04-Mar-2004 22:30:12
John D. MacDonald Barrier Island 21-Aug-2001 04-Mar-2004 22:30:33
Michael Jecks Squire Throwleigh's Heir Yes! 18-Aug-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:27:04
Aaron Allston Sidhe Devil Yes! 16-Aug-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:50:36
David Weber Path of the Fury Yes! 14-Aug-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:55
Tom Clancy The Bear and the Dragon Yes! 9-Aug-2001 29-Aug-2007 23:47:09
Robert A. Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land Yes! 6-Aug-2001 10-Jul-2010 09:07:49
William H. Patterson The Martian Named Smith 2-Aug-2001 10-Jul-2010 09:16:26
David Weber The Armageddon Inheritance Yes! 30-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:49:11
Aaron Allston Doc Sidhe Yes! 29-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:37:22
David Weber Mutineer's Moon Yes! 27-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:42
Jeff Rovin Line of Control Yes! 24-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:31:15
Robert B. Parker Hugger Mugger Yes! 23-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:29:37
David Weber Heirs of Empire Yes! 23-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:48:29
W.E.B. Griffin The Murderers Yes! 22-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:24:31
W.E.B. Griffin Semper Fi Yes! 17-Jul-2001 04-Aug-2012 10:38:30
W.E.B. Griffin The Assassin Yes! 17-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:23:55
W.E.B. Griffin The Majors Yes! 12-Jul-2001 11-Sep-2007 19:26:52
W.E.B. Griffin The Captains Yes! 10-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:24:04
W.E.B. Griffin The Lieutenants 9-Jul-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:24:15
William B. Ellern New Lensman Yes! 7-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:41:05
Edward E. Smith Masters of Space Yes! 7-Jul-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:45:57
Iain M. Banks Use of Weapons 6-Jul-2001 01-Mar-2004 11:32:06
Neil Gaiman American Gods Yes! 1-Jul-2001 01-Mar-2004 11:34:06
W.E.B. Griffin Call to Arms Yes! 30-Jun-2001 04-Aug-2012 10:39:52
Robert A. Heinlein Space Cadet 20-Jun-2001 19-Dec-2002 16:25:58
Edward E. Smith Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and others 15-Jun-2001 19-Aug-2006 10:45:51

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