San Francisco

I drove up Saturday to have lunch with Pamela and Eric, and then take Pamela up to Santa Rosa for the rest of the day. We walked from near Union Square to a restaurant we chose in Chinatown (which was very good), and back, and I grabbed a few pictures (in the contrasty bright sun) along the way.

I'm surprised how much San Francisco reminded me of New York, in that area. A city of a certain age, I guess (and New York is apparently well past the minimum needed to qualify). The level of crowding, and the types of stores (narrow, deep, packed with electronics or something), and the old buildings. Also they're both tourist cities.

Tullamore Dew sign in the window at Johny Foley's
Dean, Pamela; Forste, Eric
Gateway at the entrance to Chinatown. Rachel Kronick says: That thing is called a Pailou in Chinese. The main sign reads #22825;下為公 "All under heaven as public," or "The Earth belongs to all". A quote from Sun Yat-sen, and indirectly from the Book of Rites.
Dean, Pamela; Forste, Eric
The first Chinese christian church in San Francisco.
The first Chinese christian church in San Francisco.
Mural commemorating the Chinese railway workers.
High-density, small shops, kinda dirty (from the high traffic), old.
Looking across Union Square.
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