Ann Hero in math class
Ann Hero in math class

This is probably the same math class as ddb 51-19. According to the identification on page 15 of the 1971 Norhian>, it's Ann Hero. That volume further identifies her as class of 1971. (Meaning not my year.)

Hero, Ann


From: Eric Bauman

Date: Tue Mar 4 04:38:51 2008

Become Ann Hero!! Epic Win

From: an hero

Date: Wed Jun 3 15:41:53 2009

lol an hero

From: Brother E

Date: Wed Feb 24 08:29:55 2010

Only way to go !

From: Epic Fail Guy

Date: Thu Apr 15 11:29:27 2010

Lolz Ann Hero XD So awesum lol XD

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