ddb 20200609 010-177-print
ddb  20200609 010-177-print

IPTC Information

ApplicationRecordVersion: 3
By-line: David Dyer-Bennet
Caption-Abstract: Burned books among the rubble of Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore.
City (1): Minneapolis
CodedCharacterSet: UTF8
CopyrightNotice: Copyright © 2020 David Dyer-Bennet. All rights reserved. Released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license
Country-PrimaryLocationCode: USA
Country-PrimaryLocationName: United States
Credit (1): David Dyer-Bennet
DateCreated (1): 2020:06:10
  - burned books
ObjectName: ddb  20200609 010-177-print
Prefs (1): 'Tagged:0, ColorClass:0, Rating:0, FrameNum:-00001'
Province-State: MN
Sub-location: Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore
TimeCreated: 12:21:28-05:00
Urgency: 0 (reserved)
ddb 20200609 010-177-print