So My Permit Came Today

I’d been watching the mail for a while. I applied the morning of May 28th, the first day they accepted applications. I got a phone call a few days later asking for information about my instructor’s certificate and AACFI — meaning they were at least looking at my application. I was afraid they’d set them aside in an “aging” file and mail the permits at the last possible second, as sort of a final gesture of scorn. I was also keeping in touch with a few other Hennepin County residents, and they hadn’t gotten theirs yet either.

Image of permit So it came today. Pamela brought in the mail, noticed what it was, and brought it right down to me. First I’ve seen the new card; I don’t remember anyplace publishing what it was going to look like. I sent email to a few friends and the CCRN web master, and then went for a quick walk around the block. No, I didn’t have to get a gun out, I’ve been carrying in the house most of the time for a couple of months now. (Taurus 85 with bobbed hammer, in Uncle Mike’s “Sidekick” size 3 pocket holster, if you must know.)

Examination of the letter and envelope show the letter dated June 16, and the envelope postmarked (actually postage meter date) June 24, which isn’t all that bad by bureaucratic standards.

So far, in three trips, I have not:

  • Left my gun behind in a restaurant
  • Dropped my gun on the floor
  • Accidentally shown it to anybody
  • Needed it

So far, so good. I have, however, started working through the infinite list of required jokes, starting with “Actually, dear, I am happy to see you.”

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