Snack Mix

Couple of years late, but finding things on Facebook is horribly unreliable, so I thought I’d better put it here.

Made with stuff from Trader Joe’s.

Combine equal parts by weight of Thai chili lime almonds, roasted salted pumpkin seeds, pistachio nutmeats, and dried cranberries. Add half that weight of oat bran sesame sticks (those were from Cub come to think of it) and half that weight of crystallized ginger (cut down to more suitable size pieces), and a handful or two of raw walnut pieces. Mix well.

None of the pre-mixes I was seeing were really doing it for me, so I finally started mixing my own. This is obviously high calorie density, it would almost work as a real trail mix where that’s a feature rather than something to be careful about. I do it with the kitchen scale, but you can just guesstimate from bag weight, at least if nobody is stealing from the bags of each ingredient. Tumbling the Rubbermaid container it half-fills mixes it quite quickly without doing much damage.

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