4 thoughts on “LIFE Images”

  1. I like this photo of the Mississippi river showing the Stone Arch bridge and downtown:


    Quite a few photos of the “Minneapolis Shopping Center” too, which I assume is Southdale.

    I’m unreasonably fond of these grain silo pictures too:


    Here’s a nice shot of a landmark from my hometown of Racine, WI:

    There are pictures of Prince Bertil at Gustavus, and some commencement pictures from St. Olaf, but nothing from Carleton.

  2. That’s definitely Southdale; the bird cage is definitive.

    Your Racine link is a duplicate of the second grain silo link.

    I did search on Carleton and St. Olaf, but they didn’t have any pictures from the right place :-).

  3. I’m guessing you mean the Johnson Wax research tower designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, though, after some quick searches of my own.

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