NS2 Taken Out of Service

For a few of you with geeky interests and long memories, this may mean something. NS2 was my second server, primarily a secondary nameserver, but also having various other functions loaded onto it now and then.

This was essentially the last of my servers providing public services; I relocated all that to Dreamhost after the second meltdown.

For an even smaller group of people, I think, the fact that this box was the production web server at MultiLogic may be of some minor interest.

For those of you with valid secondary DNS configurations pointing at NS2 that were working yesterday (that’s one of you), it should be working now too. Maybe better.

I’m hedging my bets, though; I haven’t taken the system off the shelf or disconnected anything. I’ll be going through the preserved files at my leisure, and may eventually conclude that I’ll never again need anything off those hard drives that I don’t already have.

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