Five Nines

Something you won’t meet in real life.  At least, you won’t meet it except by pure luck in affordable web hosting.

Just in case you’ve never run the numbers…

Year Minutes
1 525,600
.1 52,560
.01 5,256
.001 525.6
.0001 52.56
.00001 5.256

So there you have it. Being up .99999 of the time (over a year) means you can have just over 5 minutes of downtime. Total. The whole year. (This being a 365 day calendar year, not an astronomical year.)

One thought on “Five Nines”

  1. My father-in-law and I joke about Ista being 99% good which still translates as 14.4 minutes of absolute beastliness per day.

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