Server Upgrade Chronicles II

Good news in automatic email: a bug I filed is fixed in build 122. Now, it’s a duplicate of another bug that I apparently failed to find, and there’s been an easy workaround all this time (turns out it was a pointer problem in parsing file paths, triggered by not having a “/” at the end of a directory path). This was apparently what was blocking my ability to do incremental backups with ZFS send/receive.

This makes software update key, not that it wasn’t already.

So I have had to re-install Virtualbox (because VMWare player won’t work with virtual machines on my network drive, whereas VirtualBox will), and reinstall Solaris. Then I will learn how to upgrade to various builds, because I’m ashamed to say I don’t know how except to “current”, which may not be the place to be.

Huh; almost looks like there isn’t a way.In future, I can update more often, and keep the old snapshots around. Though that doesn’t give any way to reinstall if what I really need is an old version.

I’m updating a virtual system, to test techniques and such. It’s downloading very slowly, equally slowly in bridged or NAT mode. So it’s not going to be done tonight, which means the testing will be delayed and the actual upgrade thus even more delayed. Well, things take time.

So far, knock on wood, nothing has gone terribly wrong.

ETA: The update (switching to the dev branch) completed overnight, with a number of errors. The new Boot Environment doesn’t come all the way up. No time to check more this morning.

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