Server Upgrade Chronicles III

Very briefly, since it’s late!

I’ve temporarily given up on getting incremental send/receive working. I’m liking my results with full backups, and have some reason to believe that the next OpenSolaris release will fix the bug I’m seeing, and can’t see how to proceed on that in the short term. With a third backup drive, having just full backups isn’t so limiting, either.

I’ve got the 4x 2.5″ adapter installed in the 5.25″ bay, and the 8 port SATA controller hooked up to it, and two drives in it, and I’ve copied the system rpool to a new pool there called rp2. And am now looking at details of how to finish making that pool bootable, probably involving booting from a livecd to rename it among other things.

Weird problem with the SATA controller—the bracket on the end of the card doesn’t match the cutout in the case. I had to remove the bracket, leaving the card unsupported, which is clearly not viable in the long term with two sets of stiff cables attached to it (right now it’s supported with a bit of gaffer’s tape).

Haven’t looked into booting from the new controller, either; it’s possible I can’t, I suppose, but if so putting both boot disks on the old controller isn’t terribly painful, though it ruins my perfect plan to split every mirror pair across controllers.

There’s also a problem with the bottom left 2.5″ tray, but I’m ignoring that for now since I only need two drives in the 2.5″ bay to finish my upgrade.

Don’t know that it might not be better to install to the new drives from scratch, but there are issues duplicating the configuration down to UIDs and GIDs, which is necessary for the data pool to be accessible to the users when I import it.

Still, all the new hardware seems to be working, which is good.

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