File Server Down

Well that’s annoying. When I finally got to my computer last night (after cooking dinner, cleaning up, and running around looking for an HTC EVO phone), I found the fileserver was powered down.

Then I tried to power it up, and got no response at all.

So I guess my first errand this morning involves taking this extremely large and heavy carcass (it’s a 5U rackmount system; much longer than a normal tower) down off the shelf over my desk and over to General Nanosystems (where it came from).  My first guess would be power supply, though of course other things can produce the same symptoms.

(This thing contains all my regular working files as well as my archives. The files are on mirrored disks, and I have external hard drive backups that are pretty current, and external optical disk backups of the photos that are now a couple of years old. So even if the server were hit by a meteor I wouldn’t lose that much.)

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