Carleton’s Wind Turbines

Carleton has had a second wind turbine up for a while. I spent a little time today finding a place I could see them both from.  Haven’t yet found a place I can see them both from plus have a good view of recognizable Carleton landmarks, but I may yet.

2 thoughts on “Carleton’s Wind Turbines”

  1. When I visited Gustavus this fall my professor told me that Gustavus had a donor who wanted to give them a turbine, but they had been arguing for years with the county about whether they would be allowed to put one up. It eventually became clear that the answer was ‘no’, so the donor ended up buying a bunch of solar cells for the roof of the new building instead.

  2. I’ve never lived near a turbine, I imagine if you were close enough they’d make noise. I rather like how they look, though. They’re futuristic, almost science-fictional.

    But apparently that’s a rare attitude.

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