One thought on “My Cameras”

  1. Ummm. Well, i have a few comments on your listing from my own rather sorted camera past (that touches some common themes with yours):

    1) Pixie 127 looks for all the world like a re-branded of my first camera, a Brownie Starmite 127 (of the same era);
    2) I too selected a Miranda Sensorex for my first “serious” camera as an 18 year-old in 1972; mine was $150 from mail order NY w/1.8. It lasted for about six months of my college PJ work. Then i took Nikon Fs from the pool.
    3) The FM was really quite the be-all-and-end-all for me in 1979. I got the E lenses to keep weight and cost down. I still have them. Snow & sand storms, banging the tarmac from while exiting helos, aircraft carrier decks, my FM has seen it all.
    4) I bought an FM3a toward the end of its run (2004?) just to have it. Lordly lew, is it beautiful and a pleasure to hold; problee 30 rolls of film through it. Pity.
    5) I shoot a D7000 and G5 now. I find that, although i like the mass of the m4/3, when i absolutely-positively-haveta get the shot, the Nikon goes.

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