The End of Adobe

Or at least, I hope they finally get some competition.

Because they have just decided that I should pay $360 a year instead of about $200 every two or three years to use Photoshop.  Which is totally out of the question.

Worse, they claim the early response to their subscription model has been highly favorable — when everybody I know absolutely hates the idea, because it means we’ll be paying a huge amount more money.

So; the key features missing from Gimp seem to me to be adjustment layers with layer masks (including 16-bit layers), and plugin integration.  I may have to give up photography and work on photo software development for a while, or something.

(There’s also the same problem with Lightroom, and Bibble sold their great product to Corel who have ruined it and I think made it not an option for bulk processing in the future, so I have problems there, too.  Well, everything will work for a little while, until I get a new camera, at least.)

I would urge everybody to do everything they can to avoid giving Adobe any more of your money, and to support viable competitors.

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