Amazing Photo Book, Amazingly Cheap

514zvzLpV1LJust received my copy of Genesis, a photo book by Sebastio Salgado. It’s about twice as thick as the price made me think it would be. The reproduction is first-rate (it’s published by Taschen, so that’s not a big surprise).

And the photography is striking, and shows Salgado still expanding the range of what he does (he does amazing landscapes, which isn’t what he’s most famous for).

I hear there’s a limited edition, long sold out, that was much more expensive and even more amazing, but still.

He also gives a great TED talk.

My copy was delivered today from Amazon, but according to their website, it’s not released yet and I can’t enter a review.

E-Books are #1 Format for February

“For February 2011, e-Books ranked as the #1 format among all categories of Trade publishing (Adult Hardcover, Adult Paperback, Adult Mass Market, Children’s/Young Adult Hardcover, Children’s/Young Adult Paperback).”

(I believe they’re lumping downloaded audio books with text ebooks to get this result, which is cheating.)

Read the full article.

(Thanks to Tony Cratz on a private mailing list.)


Once More* With Footnotes

By Terry Pratchett (published by NESFA Press). Rare first printing copy now being auctioned here. The starting bid is quite low; no idea how high it’ll go, I imagine it’ll depend on who hears about the auction.

I know the seller and the people the auction is intended to benefit, and can recommend participation to anybody who cares about my opinions.