Time Again for New Time

The old watch is rapidly approaching its freshness date.

The Old Watch

In particular, something I’ve never seen before—the lower two buttons have worn all the way through!  And the functions they invoke have stopped working.

Buttons worn through

So there is a new watch.

New Watch

Has anybody ever had a Casio Waveceptor watch actually pick up the radio time signal?  Outside of Colorado, say?  Just curious. The instructions make it clear that it doesn’t work very well, and thinking about wavelengths and antenna sizes makes that not terribly surprising.

I love modern marketing categories.  “WR50M” means water resistant to 50 meters.  Which, according to the manual, means that it’s safe in the rain and when washing the car.  Okay, and when swimming; but not for snorkeling and scuba diving; those require the 200M certification.

ETA: Twice now it’s managed to sync while I’m wearing it at work — in a steel-frame building.  It does have lots of glass, and I’m right by a window. It couldn’t sync when set on a windowsill at home as specified in the instructions, and it’s never synced overnight (underground).