Silly Old Recycling Rules

With luck, this is our last recycling week on the old system where we separate our recycling into categories. Apart from the fact that it’s a small amount of work, the thing that makes that really annoying is that the tubs they give you can’t hold half the categories you’re supposed to divide your recycling into (in the mandated paper bags).

I’ve managed to get the large majority of the recycling out of the house, and get a photo. This is not the amount we produce every two weeks, we’re not good at getting to it each and every recycling period, so we tend to do a big pile and then miss a few. The point here is that even if it was just one period (which is two weeks), the bags wouldn’t all fit in the bins.  And we have three times as many bins as usual—one extra new style because we’re a duplex, and one old style because we haven’t destroyed it yet.

ddb 20130516 010-018
Our recycling pile today

Just for the record, here’s the city’s list of categories we’re supposed to sort into right now:

Minneapolis recycling categories, captured 5/16/2013
Minneapolis recycling categories, captured 5/16/2013