“New” Nikon DSLR photography mailing list

I started a “new” mailing list this morning.

It’s for professional and serious amateur Nikon DSLR photographers.  It has a trivial web page (but with sign-up info) here.

Now, about those scare quotes…I’ve been a member since 2005 of the “d1scussion” mailing list, with the same topic. It’s a great online community, with lots of smart and knowledgeable people who do actually take pictures (not just argue about gear).  The founder (Juergen Specht) announced a couple of days ago that he’s shutting it down as of December 10th (which is an anniversary date for the list).  After a few days of discussion, the list members (not Juergen) seemed to me to have decided they mostly wanted another mailing list, and they didn’t seem to mind my offering to create one.  So I kicked it off this morning.  Activity may well be kind of low on my new list until the old one shuts down, but I’m definitely getting people subscribing (75 last I looked).