Mary Dyer-Bennet, 1923-2012

I’m sorry to say that my mother, Mary Dyer-Bennet, died Friday morning 8/31 at about 7am in her room at Three Links Care Center (while I was in Chicago).  The apparent cause was pneumonia.  I’d visited Monday and the previous Friday, and while she wasn’t able to converse it was pretty clear she knew we were there. Barbara was almost there, but Mary waited until Barbara slipped out for breakfast.

We’ll be hosting a memorial in Northfield, far enough in the future to let people make plans. If you’re interested in coming please let us know so we can include you in the announcements and date picking.

David Dyer-Bennet, <>
Barbara Dyer-Bennet, <>

Ken Olsen died Sunday


He founded Digital Equipment Corporation, and was still running it when I worked there.

(ETA: Huh; posting from the phone reduced the photo and posted only that one version, rather than a smaller linked to a bigger.  Thus some of you may have missed  that I have Ken’s obituary up on the left monitor, and my old Minneapolis Branch DEC mug on the desk in front of the right monitor.)