Lake Birds

Yesterday I saw 5 wading birds and got a nice close look at a family of goslings when I walked around the lake.  So today, I took the little camera.  Naturally, I saw far less.

This is one of the wading birds I don’t recognize. Worse, Pamela doesn’t recognize it either (but she’s looked at the photos and will be consulting Sibley). Maybe it’s a juvenile of something I’d recognize as an adult.

It’s a long way across that lake. That bird is as tall as half my thumbnail (when I hold my thumb out at arm’s length). These were shot (handheld) with a 150mm lens (on the E-PL2; so that’s 300mm-e), and then cropped quite heavily. Hence it’s obvious that this next one, especially, isn’t sharp.  Still, he’s got an actual fish in his beak.

There are also geese with goslings in the area.

And apparently there’s a Roc that flies over occasionally, too.